Volume II, Issue 11, Page 2

Burk's Bowtie Blast!

Just Wondering...

Just Wondering … Instead of dropping the Camaro, why didn’t Chevrolet  continue building it, making  the car better and keeping the line going in the first place?

Just Wondering…Why doesn’t GM just concentrate their efforts in the drag racing theater to the Chevy brand exclusively instead of diluting it with the Pontiac? I believe that Drag Racing is the only motorsport that GM supports with any brand other than the Bowtie.    

Just Wondering…Why GM hasn’t cut a deal with Tony George at the Indy 500 making small-block Chevy V-8’s the official engine of the Indy 500 and CART? A rule like that could go a long way toward making that series more popular with the U.S. open wheel race fan.

Just Wondering…Why GM (Chevy) doesn’t have a factory-backed entry in either CART or Indy Car racing? They have no problem fielding teams in endurance sports car racing.

Just Wondering….Why GM doesn’t package its Chevy performance parts division and R&D and offer it for sale to a private company?

Just Wondering ….Would a Chevy dealership that made high-performance factory cars be able to sell enough of those cars to make that a profit center? 

Just Wondering…..Will Chevy and other brands see the benefit of the NASCAR new Car of Tomorrow which is actually now the car of today since all of the bodies will be generic and only a decal will let the fans know the difference between a Chevy and a (shudder) Toyota?

Just Wondering …Will the NASCAR program eventually get too expensive for even GM to justify as far as budget goes, especially in light of Toyota’s unlimited budget?

Just Wondering…Did you know that there were about 20 percent more Chevy Teams in Nextel Cup this year than the next closest manufacturer (Ford).

Again I Wonder… if that number stays with the COT program?

Just Wondering…Did you know that about 75-80 percent of readers of all high-performance magazines like Hot Rod, DRO, Car Craft, drive or race a GM car?

Just Wondering…Why GM sponsors NHRA National Events with the Pontiac brand but not the Chevy brand?

Just Wondering…How many geezers think big-block when they heard the newest ‘Vette had a 427 cubic inch engine? Is it just a matter of time until the ‘Vette gets a 454 cubic inch small-block?

Just Wondering…How many Mopar and Ford race engines are running with crankshafts and rods that have Chevy dimensions instead of the stock Ford or Mopar dimensions?

Just Wondering…Wouldn’t it be cool if Chevy officially had a factory team in drag racing that had to use only the parts you can order out of the High Performance catalog?  Personally, I’d like to see what they could do with a stock body, fuel injection and a 500ci small-block.

Just Wondering…Am I the only one who misses Jr Fuel? Wheel-standing, injected, nitro-burning, small-block Chevys in a front motored dragster. Truly the working man’s nitro class.

Just Wondering…I know that the SS/AA Hemi class is very popular, so why hasn’t someone started a series for big block-powered A/S-A/SA Camaros.   I’d buy a ticket to watch 32 of those cars trying to qualify for a field and a race.

Just Wondering…Wouldn’t it be entertaining to go to a vintage NASCAR race where the cars were powered by 426 inch Mopars, 427 Fords and 427 Rats?  It makes the hair on my neck stand up just thinking about the sound those cars would make.

Just Wondering…Aside from the Corvette, is there a showroom Chevy you can buy that will do the quarter-mile in under 13 seconds on treaded rubber?

Just Wondering….Why is the Blue Devil, (ZR1, whatever) Corvette supercharged rather than turbocharged?

Just Wondering…Is there still a “back door” at GM for experimental hi-po parts?

Just Wondering….Do the Chevy engineers still build “project cars” and cruise up and down Woodward Ave in Detroit?

Just Wondering… Wouldn’t it be cool if there were Nitro Funny cars in the NHRA and IHRA that had real Chevy engines? I say give the Chevy guys some rule breaks.  Let ’em run those Wedges! 

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