Volume II, Issue 4, Page 3

Burk's Bowtie Blast!

Notes scribbled on a napkin from the Dreamland rib joint in Montgomery, AL

Just Wondering ... Do experimental race cars and show cars that are unrecognizable and unobtainable by the rank and file Chevy fans and buyers really help Chevy sell cars?

Just Wondering ... Am I the only one who is turned off by the replica ‘66-69 Camaro and ‘57 Chevy bodies? Isn’t the real attraction of a vintage 1950’s or ‘60s Chevy hot rod the fact that it is an original?

Just Wondering ... Does GM force the makers of the “new” ’69 Camaro and ’57 Chevy bodies to pay a fee or give those body panels a GM part number? And if not, why not?

Just Wondering ... Is there any better therapy in the world for a car guy than on an early spring morning to open the garage door, put a six-pack in the cooler, put the transistor radio on the ball game and tinker on your hot rod for a whole day? When I do that, all is right with the world.

Just Wondering ... What the hell is a “Resto-mod” Chevy and why are people paying so much for them at high-dollar car auctions? Am I the only one amazed when a “clone” sells for way more than a pristine original? 

Just Wondering ... Will Chevy fans embrace NASCAR’s “Car of Tomorrow” since the Chevy version of the COT is likely to look just like a Ford which looks just like a Mopar? One word for those cars: yuck!

Just Wondering ... Will Chevy devote some time and money into developing a road-race/enduro car version of their new Camaro when it comes out? Have they forgotten how many sales and how much press coverage was generated when Camaro’s were kings of the Trans-Am circuits and people rushed to the dealers to buy them?

Just Wondering ... With all of the really cool bodies that Chevy currently has, why choose the pedestrian Cobalt as the main body style for the NHRA factory-backed Pro Stock cars? I can’t tell you how pissed-off I was when I rented my first Cobalt thinking it would be a hot ride like Kurt Johnson’s Cobalt Pro Stock.   

Just Wondering ... If GM were to choose not to renew their program as the official car/truck supplier for the National Hot Rod Association, would the current program to develop nitro Funny Car bodies and Pro Stock bodies be discontinued too?

Just Wondering ... Will Chevy continue to support NASCAR with huge amounts of money and engineering when the COT becomes the only body style legal for NASCAR competition?

Just Wondering ... Why Chevy didn’t push NASCAR to allow them to approve the SST truck body for the NASCAR truck division? Now there is a truck I might have interest in watching race.

Just Wondering ... Is spending $60,000 for a Z06 ‘Vette in 2007 the equivalent to spending $5000 for a ’69 SS big block Camaro in 1969?

Just Wondering ... When NASCAR’s Car of Tomorrow becomes the standard and all the cars look the same, will Chevy increase their presence even more in other racing series such as drag racing, off road, sports car or even the IRL? Wouldn’t racing where car and truck bodies actually resemble what’s on the showroom floors be better for the Chevrolet division of GM when it come to branding?

Just Wondering ... What part of the Chevy ad/sales budget is spent promoting and helping NASCAR teams and how much goes to the NHRA/IHRA drag racing programs.

Just Wondering ... Why aren’t there factory-backed teams in the NHRA and IHRA Stock and Super Stock classes? It worked for the brand in the 1960’s. 

Just Wondering ... Since a nitro Funny Car already looks like it is carrying a pick-up bed, why didn’t Chevy make a Silverado Funny Car body instead of using the Monte Carlo

Just Wondering ... Why someone hasn’t taken a ’36 Chevy body and radically modified and streamlined that body like they have the ’41 Willys body for Pro Modified racing?

Just Wondering ... How come I almost never see a late model Chevy at those “cruise nights” at my local Sonic Drive-In?

Just Wondering ... Why not put the Chevy name or bowtie on the side of Chevy-sponsored race cars? Then at least those of us who need glasses or don’t own a 48-inch plasma screen will know which cars are Chevy.

Just Wondering ... Why GM, who spends millions and millions of dollars with NASCAR in all of their divisions, doesn’t throw a little weight around and make those series use electronic fuel injection instead of carburetors?

Just Wondering ... Finally, does GM really believe that Impala buyers are sitting in the stands at a drag race and after watching Tommy Johnson make a lap in his Nitro Funny car turn to the wife/kid/friend and say, “I really like the looks of that Impala’ Let’s go take a test drive at the local dealer”?  

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