Volume II, Issue 7, Page 4

Burk's Bowtie Blast!

Just Wondering

Just wondering…Wouldn’t it make sense from a marketing point of view if the IHRA and NHRA Pro Stock teams were required to race using EFI with small block powerplants. At least then the spectator could relate on some level with those cars.

Just wondering…did drag racing get it backwards with their failed Pro Stock truck program? Shouldn’t those Chevy trucks been full-sized with big blocks like you get at the factory instead of the other way around?

Just wondering… Is the company’s involvement with NASCAR and elite road racing series more ego driven than sales and profit driven?

Just wondering…. Can NASCAR’s “cookie cutter” Car of the future really help sell more Impala’s and how many more ‘Vettes do they sell by being involved in endurance racing?

Just wondering…Why is it that GM has factory backed teams driving easily recognizable Chevy cars powered by production engines in minor league motorsports such as drifting and sports compact drag racing series that attract few fans and fewer competitors but doesn’t have a factory backed doorslammer  team in either the NHRA’s Lucas Oil Sportsman series or the IHRA’s version. There are well over 60,000 sportsman teams total in those two series.  

Just wondering….Still on the NHRA deal, why doesn’t the Chevy brass fund a program in NHRA  Stock or Super Stock factory team instead of putting most of their PR and money into backing a Pro Stock team with a Cobalt powered by a  500 cubic-inch, carbureted,  big block engine that most of their customers can’t buy or relate to?

Just wondering… And one more-wouldn’t a turbocharged Ecotec powered Cobalt in Stock or Super Stock, a car that you might actually be able to buy off of the showroom floor, make more sense from an advertising and engineering perspective?

Just wondering… Has there ever been a better slogan that “Baseball, apple pie, and Chevrolet”, with the popularity of auto racing these days why not “Racing, apple pie, and Chevrolet?

Just wondering…Wouldn’t it be cool if you could buy a clip-on bow tie in the shape of the Chevy Bow-Tie? I think that would look cool on the Chevy execs when they attend black tie and tux required functions.

Just wondering….With all of the retro style cars coming out of Detroit like Chevy’s HHR why hasn’t Chevy made a limited edition run of Nomads or Coupes  from 1955, 56, or 57 featuring FI small blocks for power? I’d bet they would sell whatever production number they chose to make in one day?

Just wondering…. Whatever happened to the “salesmen specials” that Chevy used to offer with no back seat, radio or heater that racers bought?  I don’t know if a car like that is offered or can be ordered but having that option, which should make the cars substacially more affordable,  might  make Chevy’s cars more attractive to a wide variety of drag racers, SCCA solo, drift and other forms of the racing public.

Just wondering….This is an Impala?  

(GM Racing photo)

Just wondering….What was the Chevy brass thinking when the didn’t have a replacement ready when the killed the old Camaro. Didn’t they learn anything from their experience of trying to play catch-up when Ford introduced the Mustang in 1965?

Just wondering…Do people still go to the local dealer and order a car with performance options anymore. Does Chevy actually offer high-performance drive train and engine options? I sure hope so.

Just wondering….Why they don’t make a rule at the Indy 500 that would make injected  SB Chevy powered cars legal?  America’s greatest race (IMO) and it doesn’t allow the quintessential American race motor to compete. Remember when Chevy icons like Smokey Yunick and Bobby Allison raced at the “brickyard”?

Just wondering….Whatever happened to those real factory hot rods that Chevy used to make?

Just wondering… Was the first factory “low rider” a ’67 Impala fastback? 


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