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I hate rules!  And after working in the magazine industry for 26 years, I’ve had my fill of them.  They’re restricting and have at times kept me from telling the whole story, from A to Z.  Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve never fudged the truth, or written something I didn’t believe to be accurate, but having political parameters does pose a limiting factor when it comes to covering all the angles.  It basically kept me thinking inside the box, so to speak.

But it’s a different story here at  Gone are the corporate bean counters that diligently kept a watchful eye on what we did or did not say.  Also missing, are upper management “chicken blowers,” who sometimes not so subtly enforced their belief on who should -- or shouldn’t -- be given editorial consideration.  The bottom line here, folks, is that if a story warrants being told, it will be, and with accuracy, credibility and a non-bias approach.  Gone are the days that a story’s worth could be determined by how big a check the company wrote for advertising.  Now don’t misconstrue what I’m saying, we all need advertisers. They are an important part of our family. You need them to keep abreast of what’s available out there and I need them to help pay the bills, and just as importantly, they need us to want their product.  What’s different is that their value is weighed by their worth, not how big an ad they buy.

One of the greatest parts about our industry is that most, if not all, the companies out there were started by enthusiasts who have a vested interest in seeing the aftermarket flourish.  Not simply to make a buck, but because these industry leaders participate in the same activities as their customers -- you and I -- do.  They want to raise the bar every time they develop or improve upon a product.  They have a vested interest and a true love of what they do.

I want to point out how beneficial it is to you that I understand this philosophy.  Please take a look at the Who’s Who of industry leaders that have taken their time to help us develop this magazine.  By writing a monthly column directly to you, guys like Chris Alston, Jim McFarland, Gary Heidt, Sal Perez and others are giving you the opportunity to not only hear what they have to say, but to let you speak back to them.  BELIEVE ME, THEY WANT TO HEAR WHAT YOU HAVE TO SAY!  They want to answer your questions and help you learn what you need to know.  They want to minimize the mistakes that we’re all prone to making.  And they want to know what you want to know.

And so do I!

I want you to inspire me to think outside the box.  I don’t want to replicate what you can see in the “ink and paper” mags.  Sure, we live in a finite world.  There are only so many things that we can bring to the table that haven’t been talked about before.  And believe me, during my time writing about our hobby, I have covered them all.  How many times can we write about building a small-block Chevy?  It’s been done and done again!

But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t revisit things that are important and interesting.  We’ll simply do it better.  We’ll make the pictures bigger.  We’ll test an engine any which way we can.  We’ll take the suspension to the edge -- and back again!  This is not propaganda, which was one of those guidelines I hated.  No, we have the scope to make it happen.  And best of all, we have the passion, not limitations!

One thing I clearly recognize about the vast Internet community is that everyone has a voice and when you have something you want to say you say it.  And believe me that I want more than anything else to hear from you regarding what you want to see or know about.  I invite you to tell me what stories you feel are missing in the paper magazines.  And I want you to know that I have no limits.  No political restrictions, No maximum page allotments.  I can do any story that you feel is interesting and would be a benefit to our viewing community.  I know everybody in the industry and believe me, if I were to call up Bill Mitchell at World Products and tell him that my readers wanted to see a specific engine built he’d graciously oblige.  If you want to see a braking test, Todd Gartshore from Baer would make it happen.  How about a straight side-by-side comparison on the same engine between a Holley and an Edelbrock carburetor?  No rule against it, and no problem’s doing it.  Everyone benefits by learning the truth.

Bottom line here fellow enthusiasts: Our time has come to stand up and see the stories and projects materialize the way they should.  And speaking of projects, let’s explore some ideas.  Remember, together we can make it happen! So give me a shout.  I’m really waiting to hear from you.  

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