Winter Blues and Blahs

This is the first full issue that I have been Editor of Max Chevy so I will get on with a couple of attainable promises, at least I think so right now, about what you will find in this e-Magazine. To begin with you will find some of my thoughts on this page, one feature car/truck article, and one DIY / Tech article. Believe me, with my other work piled on top of this I am a very busy guy every month.

I have had friends sending me e-mails all month congratulating me on being named editor. A couple calling and telling me I have stepped into a bees' nest based upon the e-mails I will be getting from readers; a few have already arrived. But most everything has, so far, been fun and I will try to keep it that way.

Here are a couple of things to ponder, pardner (sorry, I just couldn’t resist that), and I’m telling you things from my heart.

  1. When I arrived home from Texas with project “El Camino” three years ago, I had no idea that building a major project would be such a big deal without a garage. I’ve been accomplishing it, but every November I’ve been parking it in a rented garage until almost the end of March. Like I have said many times, I love this place nine months a year. This really slows down progress throughout the winter, but the good thing is that I have no reason to go into a garage and freeze my backside off. The rest of the time I work in my driveway with a waterproof and sun repellant car cover. This causes no problems whatsoever, as I’m quite productive all spring, summer and fall.
  1. This year I have to wire those stupid GM power windows and door locks as I took them apart and cut all the wires; I had no idea they were so strange. With that completed, the windows going up and down at the push of a button and locking the same way I’m done electrically.
  1. I have to remove and re-install, again, the transmission to find out why it is leaking. It started after pulling the engine to replace a cheap made in China oil pan that leaked like a sieve. I’m not sure the converter was all the way seated on the way to reinstalling. My bad, my problem and my billfold.  

I always ask my readers to not make the mistakes we do. That is why we do these projects in the first place, to teach. As Hot Rod’s ex-editor Jeff Smith will say; “we publish our mistakes, not hide them”.

See you next issue.