Volume I, Issue 3, Page 61


Drag Racing Online Editor Darr Hawthorne found "Blazaro" on the strip at the recent National Sand Drag Association event held at the newest racetrack in Southern California; the San Jacinto Raceway sand dragstrip. "Blazaro" is a clean, vintage Camaro with lots of 4 x 4 Chevy Blazer drivetrain chassis components, sacrilege to some Bowtie purists, but a lot of fun on the 300 foot sand dragstrip and for tooling around the Glamis dunes.


My great friend and colleague Dave Wallace is always good for a laugh and recently while out doing his weekly grocery shopping, he came across this highly modified Chevy II Nova.  Now, Dave knows that I am a Nova man and knew that by sending me this whacked-out version it would elicit aresponse.  Well, since I love to hear from Dave I couldn’t resist in ribbing him about how the owner of this “ultimate high” had to be his next-door neighbor.  Of course, Dave’s small hometown is nestled way up in the mountains and he just had to set me straight, saying, “We know how to build a Nova in these here parts.  If you don't have a funny-foto department in ‘ChevyGrande,’ you should.”  Well Dave, thanks to you we do now!  

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