Volume III, Issue 10, Page 45

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Now that we've finally resolved the issues with our mailbag, we can return to our regularly scheduled mail bag. Whew! The silence was making us nervous!

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Ya, I like it a lot. Can you send one so I might try it out in my hot rod? Thank you

Steve Sumpter
Anaheim, California

Maybe later… when there’s ice in Hell. We love this idea, too, but getting stuff from GMPP is like asking Fort Knox for gold bars. These two engines are the first of many LSX iterations.


Thank the unions for this one. Higher pay, lower quality. I have been to the plants and have seen the crap the employees get away with. Many breaks, many benefits.

Well, now you can look for another job. Let’s see how the union protects you all now.

Scott Smith
Tustin, California

GM has never been run, at least for the last 20 years, by anything except a bunch of bean counters! And where has that got them? Walter's [Chrysler] credo was build something that kept the thinking owner as future clients. That's why there are no more loyal car nuts than Mopar guys. Many of us (Mopar heads) would turn to Europe or the Far East for new vehicles if GM got control, so that would benefit GM even less. GM has never been much good at performance. It was back-yard America that made Bow Ties the dominance in numbers.

L. Yacco
Allentown, Pennsylvania

That totally SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!

West Brookville, Massachussetts

It’s the Cerberus companies of America that have created the problems of today’s economy, looking for a quick buck the easiest way they can. Shame on you Cerberus!

Tuff Rabbit
Chicago, Illinois

If they're still marketing the same bunch of carbon copy crap, you'll have twice the companies going twice as broke, twice as fast! Why do you need to buy 4 cars with only a different nameplate on each? Is that marketing or a lack of imagination? GM and Chrysler both have not been competitive with the Japanese and Korean automakers, nor have Congress and the Administration made any inroads on exporting the American automobile (if anyone wanted one).

John Largent
Pueblo, Colorado

Without question, this article has prompted more heated response than anything else we’ve run in MC.  We’re of a mind to send the CEOs out the side door and watch as their hundred-million dollar parachutes become tangled and they drop like stones. Can you see it? What would happen if 100,000,000 of us suddenly refused to pay taxes? An income tax revolt would do wonders for the hearing of certain individuals. Isn’t that the way America made its stand a few hundred years back, revolting against an unfair and uncaring “government?” 


Great article.  Lots of detail and I love the cut-away views.

Terry Temple
Somewhere In Illinois

Thank you for coming to MaxChevy. We aim to please, partner. It’s our mission to present things the print media won’t/can’t for reasons of editorial space that usually conflicts with advertiser space. As you know, the advertisers will always be steering those floundering ships.


Author did a fine job conveying the level of engineering going on at T&D [Machine Products], nice to read an article that calls on these fundamentals such as MMI. I’m interested in more on the Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) at T&D for stress analysis, as well as fatigue testing, especially the difference in cycles to failure for the ultra lightweight Vs their standard rocker.

Lou Santora
Long Island, New York


I've only discovered this magazine today and read two articles (both of which were fantastic).  I feel as though drag racing is always a step behind on most of the technology available today as compared with the rest of the automotive industry (such as the OEMs, Formula 1, and NASCAR).  The computer is such a powerful tool, and today's CAE software has taken automotive engineering to a completely new level. Glad to see someone exposing the AWESOME power of modern day technology!!! Great article.

Lou Santora
Long Island, New York

Thanks for the props, Lou. You’re spot on as to the actual technology leaders and the trickle-down their information has to the drag race and street applications. We’ll see what else we can come up with from T&D, too. 

PS: Tell your pals about MaxChevy.  

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