Volume III, Issue 12, Page 45

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It's about time someone built a true double-duty car that is a lot faster than it looks, instead of the other way around. I get a kick out of people that laugh at it before they actually see this thing run.

Jimmy Z
Milwaukee, Wisconsin


 As a former "chicken blower" for the same company (but different title), I can only say that Ro tells it like it is - which always made him fun to be around.

Patrick Utt
Tampa, Florida

Hey, Pat,

Thank you. It gives me great pleasure to see that you got out with your bright outlook, tenacity, and (most importantly) your soul intact.


I have not forgotten to send you photos of my son-in-law’s 59 Elky we call ElCaddio. It's getting the rust (a lot of rust) fixed and should be ready in a month. We did not take the car to Matt's for headers as you suggested. We found a local guy in Wentzville to do chassis work and stainless exhaust. Headers would not work out because of the front suspension. The engine is a Potter-built 500-inch pump gas (630hp, 620lb-ft with a Turbo 400 and Gear Vendors turning a 9-inch nodular Currie. Gotta put in the Vintage Air and blow on some paint next. We'll be hanging out at Chuckaburger Fridays next spring, and I'll be there with my blown black ‘66 pro street Chevelle, too.

Jerry Clarke
Wentzville, Missouri


Could be a feature car, so we’ll be pissed if you don’t check back in as soon as the Elk is right and rollin’.


Codeine is a trademarked name and requires capitalization. Ask Ro, he'll tell you. And by the way, I've known Glidden since before he raced Pro Stock, and Etta was out-driving him.

Jim McFiction
Memphis, Tennessee

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