Volume III, Issue 2, Page 47

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Ro rocks! Good write up. I have the original article - also a good read. The 1973 Scuncio V8 Vega was one of the last Chevy dealer-built hot rods before the EPA shut them down with the Clean Air Laws. 

Good job, Bob and Ed

Joe Carella

Bob Johnson was the high-performance manager at Scuncio back in the day. This affiliation helped him campaign several record-holding Stock and Super Stock renditions. Joey DeLorenzo helped him tune and Ed James documented it all.


Like the magazine, and would like to subscribe to the online magazine... Looking for some tips to put together a small-block 350 street/strip car.

Alton Loring
Little Rock, Arkansas

Alton, MaxChevy is an online publication. There is no cost to you…unless you don’t read it.


Hey, do you have a part number on that Wilcap adapter? I can only find a SB Chevy-to-727 adapter on their site.  Are the SB and BB Chevy bolt patterns the same?

Kenny MacKay
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Hey Kenny, the bolt patterns are the same.


In the February '07 issue, we compiled a list of LS engine suppliers ("LS Engine Guide--Who's Got What's Hot") and mistakenly attributed John Callies with the formation of Compstar Components. Callies hasn't been associated with Callies Performance Products since the very early '90's. Compstar Components is a Callies Performance Products line, designed by the engineering staff at Callies. We regret the omission.--MC

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