Volume III, Issue 3, Page 47

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Hey, do you have a part number on that Wilcap adapter? I can only find a SB Chevy-to-727 Torqueflite adapter on their site. Are the SB and BB Chevy bolt patterns the same?

Kenny MacKay
Toronto, Canada

Hey Kenny,

We think you’re referring to the powertrain in Magneto’s AWB Nova. Got no part number for ya on the Wilcap piece, but the backs of both blocks are the same. 


That story [Jim McFarland’s column, “Technically Speaking” in February issue] described John [Lingenfelter] to a T. One of the hardest workers in the sport. A tough racer and a great person.

Bernie Agaman

Remember the day I came to your house to do the story on the Corvette? I feel like I never left Bayonne. It was for Car Craft, I think, mid-‘70s. Yeah, I know. Who remembers? Bernie was one of the toughest competitors in the NHRA Northeast Division.


I am very happy to see your name again. It’s been a while since I have discussed racing and things with you via email. Glad to see your articles, and since I am such an old fart I don't know how long you have been submitting to MaxChevy. I grew up in the Saskatoon area and raced a Stock eliminator car in the 70's and 80's. I can't believe it’s that long ago.

The last couple of years I was a volunteer pit guy for the AC Delco sponsored Pro Mod car owned by Harold Martin (IHRA series). I only worked six races, but it was a tremendous experience. I thought I knew about hard work, but those Pro Mod nitrous cars are a LOT of work. You have to love this industry, though. When I went to the San Antonio race two springs ago I flew home from Dallas and left a day to tour Reher/ Morrison's shop. They were very gracious and showed me around the place; it was an experience that I will never forget. When it is all said and done, it is the people that make the difference!

Keep up the great work Wayne, and take care.

Doug Mitchell
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada


Mr. Ruscio appears to be a multi talented individual that knows how to get things done. I am sure he is a valued employee of Phil Somers’ American Super Car.

Nice Car!

John Bopp
Spencerport, New York

Yeah, he is, but you ought to see him dance.


This is the first time I've seen this. Is this a magazine available at the bookstores or is it a subscription only mag?

Dean Phillips
Morrow, Georgia

Where can we get this magazine? Would love to check it out!  Thanks.

Jeff Clark
Ringgold, Georgia

How can I start to get this magazine, I love it. Please let me know.

Geoff Souder
Mt. Orab, Ohio

You are all in luck. MaxChevy is free and as convenient as your nearest computer! There is no paper copy, either. It’s all virtual, which is where we are all headed. You don’t pay a cent for what, we humbly submit, is one of the best Chevy periodicals out there.

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