Volume III, Issue 6, Page 33

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From your quiz section: The Corvair was built in 1959/1960, not 1963.  Thankeeeee kindly.

Mickey West Sr.
Chattanooga, Tennessee

Yeah, OK Mickey. We banished the quiz guy and take the fall for this grievous error. Sometimes information winds up in the wrong hands.


Matt "The Sandman" Kenseth. He takes the lead and puts the competition to sleep.

Tim Paullin
Great Lakes, Iowa

Matt, we’ll take you at your word. ‘Nuff sleep goin’ on aroun’ here anyway.


A while back you put an HT383E engine in a truck and I was wondering if you have pulled the trailer yet?

Doug Bunch
Vancouver, Washington

Doug, you aren’t the first one interested in this bit of jiggery. Unfortunately, the person who wrote the story is no longer available to answer that question nor do we know who owns (owned) the truck.


That is one sweet ride!

Thank you.

Tom Bogner
Motorsports Manager
Lucas Oil Products Inc.


Hey man, looks like a very interesting ride. Why did the Cheetah never catch on the way the Cobra did?


Jen Dunnaway

We answered Jen at length in a separate email. The Cheetah was a purpose-built race car and not really intended for street use. The Cobra was a street car that became a racer. Big difference there.  

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