Volume III, Issue 8, Page 47

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Hey Ro, for what it's worth, I love Twice Pipes!

Ian Tocher


How are you? When are we going to have another sit down? My Dad is always asking about you. You got to see what he is doing now. He is part of the Bobby Lagana Jr Top Fuel team. My dad and I painted the car last year and that turned into him traveling the country with the team, he is lovin’ it! Check out the pics of me at the winners circle in Epping last year and my dad at the win at MIR this year. My dad want me to tell you that he is going to do a burn out with the T/F car after the next race! It sounds crazy but I think it’s true. Call me when you get a chance, we got to chat!

Pat Saccomanno
Beechwood Auto Body
New Rochelle, New York


Hey Ro - In reading your MAX CHEVY "Twice Pipes" column in the July edition, I notice that your reader survey didn't detect that you have at least one FORD guy reading the magazine!

Dare you to print one of these!

The 3rd photo was taken at the Winternationals in Pomona - I introduced your "buddies" “Jersey John” Anzelmo and Ray Allen to our mutual friend Ed Justice - Ed interviewd them on his "Road & Track Radio" show from his booth at Pomona, just behind the starting line. Went pretty good - Ed was amazed with John's "photographic memory" of every detail of every Winternationals for the last 40 years straight that John has attended!

All the best.

Jeff Ryan  

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