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Sounds fishy to us

This story reminds of a guy that came up to our booth at the PRI show and told me that it was easy to spot our traction control in a race car. Some circle track apparently told everyone they were going to use a device to spot traction control. It turned out it was a fish-finder device.

Toby Graham
Sterling, Colorado

This letter is in reference to a March 2008 column by Jim McFarland


Ted Dzus addendum

Teddy also started with a Dune Buggy with a Mickey Thompson modified Corvair engine. Back in the ‘60s. Great car, great guy.

Fred Papa
Cape Cod, Massachusetts

This letter is in reference to an October 2007 column by Ro McGonegal http://www.maxchevy.com/columns/mcgonegal/ii_10-1.html.





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