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Nice car by Don; great article by Ro

I've seen this one close up... and it is "cherry". Every detail has been addressed. Nice job Don. And what a great article by Ro the wordsmith.

Marc Decker
Courtesy, Collision

Kinda a fan

I am so happy to see the return of Ro... KINDA!!! I absolutely enjoy his style of writing, and look forward to reading him next month... KINDA!!

Steve Hodge

Mo’ Ro!

The story by Ro was like getting an early Christmas present. It is good to see his stuff. Just get more.

John Pizza

Gee, there seems to be a theme to the letters, doesn’t there? While waiting for economic conditions to improve, if you want more articles from McGonegal, just send large quantities of cash to the publisher. We’ll get him back as soon as we can.

Take it away boys

Dear Mr. Ro McGonegal, I assume you must be a very busy man. Nevertheless, I hope you could spend a few minutes to throw a glance at a car I built in my humble home.

As any car lover, my dream is to have it published in some magazine. I consider it worthy to be seen by many people, but I guess that is because it’s mine. Your opinion would be invaluable for me to have a better down to earth sense about the car.

Its unique design was inspired from a toy I bought a long time ago. While looking around on the internet I found some other people trying to bring the concept to a reality. This, however, has not been achieved by anyone yet.

I think you are best door I can knock in order to give the car some publicity. I would also appreciate your orientation, or even some referrals. If you yourself are interested I can send you more pictures or perhaps a video. Please find attached some pictures. They are a few months old though. In them the car even lacked the windshield, the lines and some other features. I just finished it a few days ago and now it’s up and running.

Gerardo Mora Caballero

Check out the pics on the next page.