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This young fella has built this? Man, I see a lot of youngies around here living in their daddy’s wallet, complaining too much about nothing and spending all day playing games in their room and not out and about doing things, wasting shop keepers’ time cleaning all their crap tagging on walls and keeping the local community coppers busy chasing them with their drunken ways on the road with turbos and cars. Mates, well done and it’s good to see.

New Zealand


I think he's dreamy!!!

Los Angeles

Troy and Annmari are referring to the "Rat Rods Rule" story we ran in the November issue. Click on this link to see what all the fuss is about.


We have a Chevy Vega that we built at home in our two car shop, it turned out very nice. It is a really neat little car. My son did about all the work himself, tubbed, framed v8, auto/trans, disc brakes, 355 Chevy sb, Ford 9 inch narrowed, 456 gears, full, roll caged tubbed, aluminum interior, runs 10’s, handles easier than stock, it’s really special, well crafted homemade by the Leggetts, Mark and Larry. thanks!

Larry Leggett
Cedar Park, Texas

Any time

Hello Ro, I am the photographer of the article, Peter Ores. Thanks a bunch for putting up the pics I took and putting up my website too. Anything you need let me know. I was talking to Brian Hansen and he said that you might be coming to Milwaukee to do a shoot this summer. That would be awesome, there is a a lot of killer stuff up this way.

Pete Ores
Milwaukee, Wisconsin


Hey. I'm writing from Sweden.  I have two Corvettes. One is a 2005 C6 with a Procharger that makes 637 rwhp. Car number two is an '06 ZO6. I have replaced the original engine with a Warhawk LS7-X and STS rear-mounted turbochargers. I'm hopeful it will produce 1500hp. I will give more information next month along with pictures.

Goran Claesson
Huskvarna, Sweden

Goran, are you sure that 1,500 horsepower will be enough, even for Sweden? Send some images. Maybe we'll use them. Thanks for participating, MC.