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Hey guys... It's difficult to figure out the set up here, but Bullrun is a 3,600 mile road rally with everything from a VW Bus to a Ferrari 360. I drive the 2007 Z71 Chevy Avalanche and if you saw the most recent episode (episode 3) then you know we made some mistakes navigating, but dominated the challenge. Anyway, the slowest two teams participate in a challenge and the winning team for the day’s leg throws someone else in. Three cars to a challenge. One goes home. $200,000 on the line and Bill Goldberg hosts! Be sure to tune in EVERY THURSDAY AT 10PM EST!!!

Auburn, Alabama


Hi, congratulations, I absolutely love your magazine - but then being a big fan of the bowtie, I guess you had me at Chevy!

I thought you might like to see our ‘69 Camaro that we race over here in England in a class called Super Modified, which is kind of like the early years of Pro Mod. We have really strict rules that govern the class, and as a result, although we are allowed to run nitrous injection (blowers, turbos, electronic fuel injection are all prohibited) we are only allowed to run a 5 lb bottle, which means we are constantly striving to find every once of horsepower that we can. We are also restricted on cubic capacity to weight ratio, which means that most of the cars run fairly small engines - But we still produce 7 sec quarters at 170+ mph.

In our car we run a 489cu.in Chevy limited by the rules to a .600 lift cam, twin 1050 dominators on a tunnel ram, dart heads, nitrous injection, and backed up by 4 speed Lenco, Hayes clutch, and a Mark Williams rear end. Again, because of the rules we are only allowed one stage of nitrous - no multi stage systems allowed, and we are also restricted on solenoid size. This actually makes for some really close, exciting racing, as it actually levels the playing field.

Our best time to date is a 7.72 @ 174mph, and we regularly run around the 7.80sec mark. This year we have made a lot of changes, within the rules allowed, and hope to be running in the 7.50 range.

I have attached some pictures for you to have a look at. Check out our website at

Anyway keep up the good work!

Craig Gibbs.