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A Swedish work in progress

Goran is mailing. I am sending a picture on my Corvette ZO6, with Warhawk engine and twin turbo.

New have we test it, 1400 hkr in the engine with 15 psi. In a few weeks I will send more information.

Goran Claesson Petersbergsvägen
Huskvarna, Sweden

Ask and ye shall receive

Anything all Chevrolet is all good. I own a ‘67 Chevelle convertible that I will be drag racing again in the near future. I had some suspension concerns, but after seeing Paul Tadin’s car on Max Chevy, it made me feel a lot better. Is there any way to contact Paul or Spangenberg? I still have some questions I want to ask.

Thank you.

Steven Macevic
McMurray, Pennsylvania

Pat Spangenberg, Rod & Competition Specialties, Butler, WI  262-781-9044, and Paul Tadin, Milwaukee, WI 414-750-9257.