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Dear Mr. McFarland, I read Hot Rod Magazine (good stuff, isn't it?) from 1978 for many years, so you can see that I have heard a lot about hot rodding and race cars. But what I never heard is that anybody turbocharged a very big motor (800+ ci), such as Sonny Leonard or Jon Kaase make (for example). John Lingenfelter said “and it is true, how could it not be - You can make almost indefinite horsepower via turbocharging...”

I know there are no racing rules for that setup, but it would be very interesting to experience an engine of that kind (compression ratio, cam characteristic and timing) breathing under say twenty or even thirty psi. What is your opinion?


Dr. Harry Martin
Rechnitz, Austria

Dr. Martin, a long-time friend of mine, Ken Duttweiler, has been a proponent of turbo-supercharging for a number of years... not dissimilar to how John felt. In fact, Kenny was a leader among turbo-supercharged Buick V6 engines for quite some time. Thinking back, John and I had numerous discussions about his opinions on turbos as applied to drag racing. In Kenny's case, I believe he has built some engines in the 600-650 c.i.d. span, turbo-supercharged on gasoline, that produced in the 3000 horsepower range. Since there are other ways to achieve power levels on a par with what you might expect from 800 cubic inches, few engine builders I've encountered have taken the turbo-supercharged route on engines of this displacement. In addition, when piston displacements increase into the range you are suggesting, high torque and comparatively low rpm become the norm and for such applications, turbo-supercharging has not appeared a viable option. I hope this helps.

Jim McFarland


Hey Duh-fest. Bring back Ro. His stuff was great us older folks like a good writer and I should say a great writer.

J Pizza

We feel the same way. So, if all you readers could just send hundred dollar bills instead of letters of support, we could afford to keep Ro in this economy.


How do I get copies of your great magazine? I would very much enjoy your articles, and different stories you’ll come up with each month. Is there a place or do I search everywhere to find your magazine each month? Your pictures are great, every one of them. Let me find out or subscribe to it.

Larry Leggett
Leander, Texas

You’re half right Larry; you’ll only find MaxChevy online, rather the cluttering up the local newsstand. Not only do we get to check off ‘eco-friendly’ on surveys and whatnot (plus it works as a great pickup line), but YOU get to read for free. We think that’s what you might call the classic win-win situation, nes pas?