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More ‘Silver Bullet’ info

I know both Steve Mair and Larry Turner. They both had VERY FAST cars on Woodward and 696. They never built a car together and they each never raced Jim Addison. Steve had a ‘72 Camaro that ran 10.60 through the mufflers and a single Holley carb.

In my opinion with dual carbs and a better exhaust, he could have beat the Bullet if they raced. One person that did beat the Silver Bullet was Mike McGurie. He had a BB Camaro with an engine built by Dick Arons. Many people saw this race.

Brad B.
Detroit, Michigan

Love those Camaros!

Rock and Roll! I've always been a first gen Camaro lover, my first car was a 1968 Z/28 Camaro 302 4-speed. I've also owned a 1967 Camaro drag car, 468 cu in, Doug Nash 4+1 tranny, Ford 9" rear end... Best ET/mph: 9.72 quarter mile @ 142 mph.

I've ALWAYS wanted to own a 1969 RS Z/28 Camaro, best looking Camaro ever built, IMHO.

Steve Moore
Muncie, Indiana

Cover car update

First, thanks for putting the car on the cover. It’s the green ‘56 from the Goodguys event. I’ve been racing the car for over twenty years with no changes since the car was built in 1965. The best ET was 9.90 at 130 mph.

Thank you.

Mike Bilina
Chicago, Illinois

Oddy sighting

Glad to see Jim's still playing. I knew Jim back in Buffalo when I joined the Piston Jockeys of West Seneca, and have followed his career until he retired.

R. Joe Lorden
Apache Junction, Arizona

Jim Oddy is only semi-retired. He is the tuner for the National Guard-sponsored supercharged Pro Mod driven by Joshua Hernandez in ADRL competition and this year celebrates his 50th year in drag racing.