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Still an Oddy fan

I remember as a kid watching an Opel at Cayuga Dragstrip. It was driven or backed by Jimmy Oddy, always in the top four and always with the nicest car. He always took time to answer my teenage questions. A true plus to the sport. Thanks, Jim!

Wayne Priest
Toronto, Ontario

Not bragging, but…

I am the owner of a HHR S/S, and I love to see articles like this as much as I love to see the faces of people on the road when my "Black Beauty" pulls up and blows their door off.

Chicago, Illinois

A pronunciation guide

Hi, my name is Marc Matthews. I am a personal friend of Bob Rahaim. Just wanted to know if you can pass on that his name is pronounced ram, like the animal. I listen to the ADRL website when I can, drives me nuts when they continue to call him by Robert Raim. Thank you.

Can I get a couple copies of edition with article on Bob's car? Just let me know how.

Marc Matthews
St. Clair Shores, Michigan

To print or not to print

I just stumbled across you website and was shocked. It is very informative and a magazine for the common Chevyhead.

My question is that is there any way that .pdf files from your previous editions can be sent or ordered? I would like to get your archived issues.
I would pay if need be.


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