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A little info needed

I have been looking and contacting motor heads to find out some info on a 1955 2nd series V-8 Chevy truck I have, that my dad bought new, and wanted to see if you know about these or someone that could tell me how many made and if I have a one of a kind, or even someone that would want to restore it?



The cat’s meow

I think the Cheetah is the greatest. I've wanted one ever since I saw them in the '60s. Where can I get information on this kit? I would like to build one.

Robert Allen
Charleston, South Carolina

We’re full of compliments

Hello, I would like to subscribe to Max Chevy 'cause I don't seem to see it anywhere on Long Island, New York. Can you tell me what it costs, and can I get a complimentary issue? Thank you.

Long Island, New York

We’ve got good news and maybe not so good news, Rocco. We have no print version of Max Chevy since we’re an online magazine only. The good news is that we’re FREE!