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RE: http://www.maxchevy.com/tech/2008/iii_8-frame-7.html

I thank you for the info on notching the rear frame. I got a '77 Monty I am about to do it to, and it give me some more ideas.

Thank you.

Len Hill
Kansas City, Kansas

It’s historical

RE: http://maxchevy.com/events/2008/iii_8-old-3.html

Looks like 1964, '65 all over again. Way cool.

J. T.
New Orleans

G’day, mate! We’re standing by

RE: http://www.maxchevy.com/tech/2008/iii_2-shafiroff-8.html

Killa! We will be in contact very soon, well done!

Tim Missen
Adelaide, Australia


Would like to know if paper copies of Max Chevy are available and if so where can we purchase a copy.

Joel Crist
Rochester, Indiana

Joel ,my man, why would you want to murder trees for your reading pleasure when all of our issues are available FOR FREE electronically? What did those trees ever do to you?

We’re designed for the Internet, but if you must hold paper in your hands, we’ve recently added this feature. Feel free to print our mags to peruse at your leisure. Just hit the “Print This Issue!” button on the Table of Contents.