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Everybody loves Jim

I love Jim McFarland's columns. Great stories and I think it's very cool that he is able to share insight into some of the development history of both OEM and aftermarket performance cars and parts. One hell of an idea.

Roger Legge
Glendale, Arizona

School's in

WOW! What a great article! The kids are pumped and the administration loves it. Thank you so much, I cannot begin to tell you how this benefits our program and what it means to my kids that work so hard!  Thank you!

Jay Abitz
Technology Education Instructor
SkillsUSA/Auto Club Adviser
Freedom High School
Freedom, Wisconsin

A little help from my friends

I read your remarks concerning retrofit of the GM 6L80 6 speed auto trans on 3/16/2007, and wondered if there has been any interest by the computer technical aftermarket outfits in providing the wiring/sensors/TCU/etc. to have it work satisfactorily, since then? Need to fit one to my 1976 500 ci. Cpe de Ville for towing and using that second o/d for solo highway cruising!  Thanks. 

Robin Anderson
Apache Junction

Jay, GM is dragging its feet on this. Controller is the problem. The 6L80 gets input from suspension, chassis, engine, etc., so it's not an easy conversion deal. However, Speartech has done the work and offers complete engine/6L80, 6L90 tranny packages as well. I just sourced this from Google. Thjere may be others doing this but I'm ignorant of them. Just like I'm ignorant all the time. Jesus! Ro Dog Yur welcome. - Ro McGonegal


I'm a Chevy man, so I like everything about it!!!

Lecola Jenkins
Augusta, Georgia

So there

Most of the so-called blown Chevy Pro Mods are Mopar Hemi powered.

Johnstown, Pennsylvania