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The new line of housings is available in a variety of styles fitting a wide range of racing and street applications.

The new M9 line of fabricated housings are made from 1/8” thick laser cut steel , combined with a 3/8” thick face plate and gussets and bulk heads included as a standard item, the Moser M9 Performance Fabricated Housings are made to withstand the grueling demands from today’s high-horsepower racing

The line of M9 fabricated dragster housings are offered in four distinct styles: Bare, Swing Arm, Four-Link, and Solid Mount. Also available is the M9 Bolt-in Performance Fabricated Housing.

For more information email info@moserengineering.com.

TCI® Introduces New PRO-X™ Powerglide O-Ring Transmission Pan

The TCI® Powerglide O-Ring Transmission Pan features an industry-exclusive o-ring seal that makes it easy to achieve a leak-free seal every time, regardless of how flat or uneven the gasket mating surface may be. The durable, 1-piece o-ring can be reused several times, saving the time, hassle, and cost of replacing a gasket every time you need to pull the pan on your Powerglide.

The TCI® Powerglide O-Ring Transmission Pan also features the TCI® proprietary metallicgray Heat Dissipating Technology™ (HDT) coating, which has been proven to reduce transmission operating temperatures by a wide margin over competitor’s coatings.

For more information visit us online at www.tciauto.com.


Justice Brother’s AC-Clean is specially formulated to kill bacteria such as mold, mildew and other odor-producing organisms that grow in your evaporator core and housing.

In addition to the odor, the presence of bacteria poses actual health risks and has been known to cause headaches and flu like symptoms commonly referred to as “Sick Car Syndrome.”

AC-Clean is atomized via aerosol, and offers 5.5 ounces of odor neutralizing power. Treatment of your car or truck’s air conditioning system takes only seconds and requires no tools or disassembly of your AC system.

For more information visit www.justicebrothers.com.

PLIOGRIP by Valvoline Finishing Cream wins
top NACE award

Best new product of the year is a title PLIOGRIP by Valvoline Finishing Cream skim coat can now add to its label. PLIOGRIP by Valvoline Finishing Cream is a two-part epoxy skim coat for repair of minor scratches or gouges in various plastic substrates including thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) bumper covers and plastic and composite body panels. Demonstrations were conducted at the NACE conference and participants could see and work with the compound to gain a better understanding of the product.

 For more information visit www.pliogripbyvalvoline.com, or call 1-800-PLIOGRIP.


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