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With Vortec-style “quick burn” 64cc combustion chambers and 215cc intake runners, this head is ideally suited to a wide range of engine combinations. Add in generous 2.080” diameter intake valves and 1.600” exhaust valves, the Motown 23-degree 215 clearly provides an excellent balance of flow and velocity. Also featuring RightCast® port technology, this head will provide outstanding out-of-the-box performance increases and is an excellent choice for the serious street enthusiast.

Other important technical features include a valve stud angle of 23 degrees (same as the valve center line) to ensure optimum valve train geometry, fully machined valve cover rails with perimeter style attachment for leak-free sealing, and universal end pads to accommodate both early and late model accessories.

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California Car Cover Company’s new California Stormweave and Noah form-fitting vehicle covers are individually crafted to deliver precise, body-hugging protection for cars, trucks and SUVs.

The Stormweave cover is distinguished by its excellent water-resistant capabilities. Created with a unique four-layer construction, it includes two contour layers composed of short, dense fibers that act as a moisture barrier to repel water, while allowing passage of air. Its concentrated fabric is resistant to tears, and provides maximum cushioning against annoying parking lot dings. For days when the weather is more amenable, this cover also protects against 99 percent of damaging ultraviolet rays, delivering an ultraviolet protection factor of 180. 

The highly water resistant Noah cover is an excellent choice for indoor or outdoor use. Made of Kimberly Clark’s patented Noah material, it stops virtually all dust, dirt and pollution before they reach a vehicle’s finish or interior. The space-age Noah fabric, made with “breathable film” technology, provides maximum protection in all weather conditions. It is the ultimate safeguard from inclement weather but still allows moisture and condensation to evaporate away from vehicle surfaces.

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Featuring a 23-degree valve angle, the Motown 235 is compatible with all OEM Chevrolet valve train components. The rocker arm stud angle is also 23° --proving optimum valve train geometry throughout the rocker arc (offset rocker arms are recommended if longer-than-stock valves are employed).

The Motown 235 is offered with both 64cc and 72cc combustion chambers, and features RightCast® port technology. With the superior intake flow complimented with a raised exhaust port design and large 1.625” diameter exhaust valves, this head is ideally suited for the serious performance enthusiast.

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