Volume III, Issue 2, Page 48


Just Dashes can now mechanically and cosmetically restore any make or model automotive instrument cluster, regardless of complexity. They will restore all the gauges in your original cluster, apply new faces, install a quartz clock movement, re-plate the plastic or metal gauge bezel and detail the whole assembly to concours condition. Just Dashes will also restore any vinyl covered interior part you can remove from your vehicle regardless of year, make or model, car or truck! To preview a “how it’s done” video, and all their interior restoration products and services, visit www.justdashes.com.


Proform Parts has a new addition to their extensive line of performance valve train products. These new roller rockers for the GM LS1 and LS6 engines are engineered to replace the factory rockers and fit under the stock GM valve covers.

These Proform Parts rockers are available in 1.7-ratio or 1.8-ratio and are installed with normal hand tools. Simply remove the factory rocker and rocker stands, and install these new Proform roller rockers. It is recommended to always check head and valve cover clearance and that you have the correct lifter preload. This is particularly important when changing camshafts or having the heads machined. Also make sure the pushrods are the correct length for your modifications. You can find out more about these roller rockers and their complete line of internal and external engine parts and tools at www.proformparts.com.

SoffSeal roofrail seals

This high demand roofrail seal fits all 1959-60 Chevy, Cadillac, Buick, Pontiac, and Olds two door hardtop models. Let SoffSeal’s trademark attention to detail give your car the professional finish and protection it deserves. With this new retooling comes improved availability and better pricing!  As always, all SoffSeal products are backed by a 100% Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee!

For additional information, a catalog, or the name of your local SoffSeal dealer, call toll free at 1-800-426-0902

Lock-In-Tool Tool for Installation of Piston Wrist Pin Locks

Lock-In-Tool now offers a new and patented tool that simplifies the installation of piston wrist pin locks and reduces labor time to seconds. Lock-In-Tool also helps avoid damage to pistons, broken and bent pin locks, and personal injury. The tools are available for spiral lock or wire lock applications, and come in a variety of standard and metric sizes. Lock-In-Tool is made in the USA and produced with 4140 hardened steel for repeated professional use, or with lightweight plastic for the do-it-yourself engine builder. Lock-In-Tool is NASCAR proven. Learn more at www.lockintool.com. 

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