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Developed by a leading petrochemical engineer, PX3 Xtreme Oil Booster is a unique PX3 synthetic based formula, produced from a chemical synthesis process of complex organic molecules creating ionic bonding to metal surfaces. By utilizing one bottle of PX3 Xtreme Oil Booster in every other oil change, this Synthetic PX3 formulation will not cause corrosion of internal engine components; is compatible with all types of motor oil; is safe for all automotive gasoline and diesel engines and will not void manufacturer’s warranties. Results may vary by application and conditions.

In addition, the product slows engine smoking, helps prevent engine knock, provides better ring seal and is recommended for all High Performance, Racing and Street vehicle applications. A unique, proprietary formula, it can also be used as an engine assembly lubricant.

Available at leading retailers nationwide in Spring 2008.

Further information is available at www.px3lubricants.com

PipeMaster Tube Fabrication

Simply slide the tool over the tube to be cut. Push the PipeMaster down to where you want the tube to mate. The tools' rigid stainless steel rods slide into shape. Pull the tool back up the tube and trace the shape made by the rod ends. Now the tube is ready to be cut and welded into place.

SAE and Metric sizes are available from .5-inch to 12-inches. PipeMaster tools aid in building anything from a transmission mount to industrial structures where quality welds are required. PipeMaster eliminates the guesswork and provides the right shape for a flush fitment for all 360-degrees.

For more information on PipeMaster visit www.pipemastertools.com.

SoffSeal ‘55-57 Chevy & Pontiac convertible top weatherstrip kit

These items are high-demand convertible top weatherstrip kits that fit the 1955-57 Chevy Belair and Pontiac Starchief.  SoffSeal is pleased to provide flexibility in restoration with this product, and the kit comes either with a cloth covering for the ultimate restorer or uncovered for the well-built street machine.  Either option completely seals the convertible top by providing all the necessary weatherstripping components.

For additional information, a catalog, or the name of your local SoffSeal dealer, call toll free 1-800-426-0902


The muscle car experts at Classic Tube will create the brake line kit to exactly match your stock GM A-body vehicle whether it came equipped with a standard drum, power drum, standard disc or power disc. Big Block, Small Block, Hard Top or Convertible – Classic Tube stocks pre-bent A-body replacement brake line kits, with the correct color-coded end fittings and spring wrap, in OE Steel or Stainless Steel.

To find out more about all their GM A-body fluid transfer products and handy tools visit www.classictube.com.  

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