Volume III, Issue 5, Page 54

Customized Vintage Soda Machines

For anyone who loves to sit behind the wheel, collects cars, or loves tinkering with an antique, an auto themed soda machine makes a great addition to your home or garage and provides a cool way to keep beverages cold - no matter the alcohol content.  These machines can be adorned with any make or model of vehicle, the logo of your favorite manufacturer, a picture of one of your own vehicles, your favorite race team, or whatever the you want.

The three primary classifications or styles of soda machines are sliders, round tops, and square top machines.  While ASM restores and sells all three of these type machines, the square tops provide the best “canvas” for customization.  There are also several makes and models of these square top machines.  The one ASM most often uses is the Vendo 63 made by the Vendo company during the 60’s. 

This Vendo 63 provides nice clean lines for the re-made to order creations.  Its nice compact size (53”H x 27.5”W x 21.5” D) makes it easy to fit into a home, office, or wherever a buyer wants to put it.  The machine can also be made to vend either bottles or cans.

For more information, visit www.americansodamachines.co

TCI 1981-90 GM 2004R Constant Pressure Valve Body

In the past, the TV cable adjustment on 1981-90 GM 2004R transmissions required significant mechanical ability.

Installation of the new revolutionary-design TCI 2004R Constant Pressure Valve Body helps avoid transmission destruction in both stock and aftermarket units, by ensuring that clutches and bands are applied firmly to eliminate slippage. While the TV cable still needs connection for proper part-throttle transmission shift operation, the TCI 2004R Constant Pressure Valve Body provides more freedom as line pressure is fixed with no chance of encountering a low line pressure condition.

For more information about the TCI 1981-90 GM 2004R Constant Pressure Valve Body or any other TCI product, visit them online at www.tciauto.com.


These lightweight and adjustable “stubbys” join their SEMA Award Winning big brothers in the Proform tool kit. When an AN wrench is required in tight working conditions, these short handle wrenches are the solution. You can accomplish any automotive, or plumbing job that requires AN fittings, with these two handy wrenches. They are available individually in the 3 AN to 8 AN size, the 3 AN to 20 AN size, or in pairs.

These PROFORM “stubby” handle aluminum wrenches are super for assisting to prevent scratches on polished or anodized AN fittings. They make fuel log adjustments or loosening or tightening inlet fittings easy and they are ergonomically designed for comfort. Important features include exact adjustability, non-marring jaws and an anodized surface for long life and professional appearance. MSRPs are approximately $89 for the pair, $41 for the small version and $53 for the larger wrench. To preview all of PROFORM’s internal and external engine parts, and inexpensive line of engine building tools visit www.proformparts.com.

Powerflow EFI Blue Fuel Pump

High horsepower fuel-injected cars require a healthy supply of gasoline. Professional Products Powerflow EFI Blue Fuel Pump ) is perfect for any engine producing up to 600 HP. This Powerflow Blue Fuel Pump will deliver fuel at a rate of 58-gallons (220-liters) per hour!

This unique Professional Products fuel pump features ¼-inch NPT inlet and outlet ports that allow for a wide range of adapter fittings. You can use -6 AN fittings or even your basic barbed fitting to mate with your fuel hose. The blue extruded aluminum heat sink and mounting bracket keeps the fuel cool and makes for easy installation on any flat surface.

For more information on their complete line of products, or to download the new 2008 Professional Products performance parts catalog, visit www.professional-products.com.  

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