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With the introduction of the new 8B 5000 aluminum block, Brodix has taken the 5.0 bore spacing market to the next level. The 8B 5000 combines the size and durability of a 5.0 bore spacing block with the convenience and availability of its 4.480 bore spacing counterpart. These blocks are 100% CNC machined and employ the same technology that has made Brodix the undisputed leader in aluminum block development.

•  First User-Friendly 5.0 Bore Spacing Block in the Industry
•  Raised Cam Location (1.0) Standard
•  Up to 11.625 Deck Height
•  Cam Bearings and Lifter Bores Available in Many Different Diameters

For more information, visit www.brodix.com.


To compliment their professional shop Power Steering Service, Justice Brothers has released their at home Power Steering Conditioner & Treatment for the do-it-yourselfer! This proprietary formula is much more that just an additive, it will prolong the life of your expensive power steering pump by reducing internal heat, lubricating internal seals and preventing component wear. It also helps to prevent leaks at the pump shaft seal. This 4-ounce (118ml) bottle added to your power steering fluid is pro-active protection against pump damage or failure.

The fluid inside your steering pump and steering box is always moving, creating internal heat that kills seals, bearing, hoses, and the fluid itself. Justice Brothers Power Steering Conditioner & Treatment protects against extreme heat and fluid oxidation, reduces pump squeal, and is compatible with all factory power steering fluids, including that used by Honda. For optimum power steering pump life and performance, add a bottle of Power Steering Conditioner & Treatment to your pump. To preview all their automotive car care products visit www.justicebrothers.com.

Available only at professional car care centers.


Hamburger’s Performance Products, renowned for its quality high performance oil pans since 1979, offers a selection of fabricated aluminum valve covers for popular Chevy and Ford applications. The tall design offers clearance for rocker arm assemblies and stud girdles, typically found in high performance engines.

Available with or without baffles and breather holes, all models are built using super lightweight yet durable 6061-T6 aluminum, and employ sturdy ¼" billet flanges for a leak-free seal. Eligible for contingency payouts in the NMRA and NMCA.

For complete product details and dealer info, visit www.hamburgersperformance.com, or call the tech guys @ (562)921-0404.

bolt together torque converters

The torque converter's bolt-together design gives users flexible options for maintenance or adjustments and the aluminum front design is 2 pounds lighter than standard weld up versions. 

This torque converter features a steel stator, comes with or without Sprag, is available for most non-lockup applications and is great for bracket or high horsepower heads up racing. Rebuild kits containing new o-ring and washers are also available. 

Memphis Performance is a national and international mail order provider of high performance automotive parts. The BTE division was launched in 1998, and provides high performance transmissions, torque converters, and other drive line components. More information on products can be found at www.bteracing.com.

ProStyle Billet Shifter Sticks

Twist Machine, the New York manufacturer who introduced paddle shifters to the muscle car and hot rod industry four years ago, has designed two new ProStyle adjustable reach billet shifter sticks.  Designed for muscle cars and hot rods that have been converted to modern, internal rail manual transmissions, these new shifter levers compensate for ergonomic issues caused by relocating the shifter from the original side mount position (e.g. Muncie) to the top of the transmission (e.g. Tremec T-56). 

CNC-machined from 6061-T6 aluminum, ProStyle adjustable shifter sticks are available in 8-inch straight shank or 10-inch 25-degree bent shank (as shown). Reach is adjusted by way of three interchangeable inserts for up to seven mounting positions.  All kits are provided with mounting hardware: 3/8”, 8mm, and 10mm socket head cap bolts to complete the installation.

These new ProStyle levers fit all factory and aftermarket stub-style manual shifters with .875”-.900” bolt spacing.  Aftermarket transmissions include all internal-rail Tremec T5, T56, TKO500, and TKO600 and Richmond.

The ProStyle brand name identifies a range of billet aluminum aftermarket accessories for Camaros and other muscle cars.  Its styling theme, known as ball-milled and slotted, brings a coordinated styling to other accessories such as core support bars (engine bay reinforcing: fender to front panel), cowl induction trim plates, and more.

Visit the Twist Machine website at www.twistmachine.com for latest offerings.  

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