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COMP Cams Thumpr Cam & Gear Drive Kits

After all of that hard work you’ve put into your car or truck, you expect it to be the envy of all at the local cruise-in or car show. What better way to get that than with that ground pounding sound from the pipes and that unmistakable whining from a gear drive? They’ll hear you before they see you with the new COMP Cams Thumpr GK-Kit! When the time comes to prove you have the horsepower to back up the sound, rest assured your Thumpr Cam will deliver.

COMP Cams Thumpr GK-Kits are available for any Thumpr Chevy or Ford application and include the Thumpr Cam of your choice, along with the appropriate gear drive and carefully matched lifters. Each gear drive uses precision-machined and heat-treated billet steel gears to ensure the ultimate in durability and timing accuracy. Each kit features a 3 keyway crank sprocket which allows up to 4 degree of advance or retard.

For more information about the COMP Cams Hydraulic Flat Tappet and Hydraulic Roller Thumpr Cam GK-Kits or any other COMP Cams product, visit them online at www.compcams.com.


Torque-Curve's design provides significantly more horsepower and torque, and they do not have the annoying whistle under driving conditions, typically associated with throttle body spacers.

At partial throttle, a negative pressure zone is created on the upper, backside of the throttle blade. This condition creates turbulence that disrupt the introduction of air into the vehicle's intake manifold, slowing airflow, and resulting in less available power. Ultimately, Torque-Curve EFI Spacer's proprietary design improves your engine's performance and fuel efficiency. Improved fuel efficiency can also translate into better fuel mileage.

Testing of Torque-Curve's design on a 2004 4.8L GM truck yielded 55 ft.lbs. more torque, and 38 HP more than stock. The same testing also demonstrated 29 more ft.lbs. of torque, and 25 HP more than a well known leading competitor's spacer on the same vehicle, under the same test parameters.

Hamburger's MPFI spacers are 100% CNC machined from 6061-T6 aluminum, come complete with all the necessary mounting hardware, and are backed by a limited lifetime warranty. Spacer models are currently available for GM, Dodge, and Ford vehicles, as well as Nissan Titan and Toyota Tundra Trucks.

For more information and dealer locations, visit  www.hamburgersperformance.com, call the Hamburger's tech department at (562)921-0404 (7-5pm PST), or consult your favorite speed shop or online performance dealer.

Gapless Tube Fabrication By PipeMaster

Stop wasting costly metal due to inadequate fitment when PipeMaster will help you cut the correct shape the first time. For compound tube and pipe joints, place the tube where you want it to mate, slide the PipeMaster down the tube and push the housing down far enough so the spring-tempered stainless steel rods match the shape of the joint. Pull the tool back up the tube far enough to trace the shape outlined by the rods. Cut along that line and the tube is ready to be welded in place!

Whether you have two, three, four or more pipes joining at a single point, PipeMaster will take the guesswork out of creating joints. Tools sizes range from ½-inch to 12-inches and are also avialble in four popular kits: Dragster (1-1/2 & 1-5/8-inch tubing), Stock Car (1-1/2 & 1-3/4-inch tubing), Truck and Jeep (1-3/4 & 2-inch tubing) and Pro Racer (1, 1-1/4, 1-1/2, 1-3/4 & 2-inch tubing).

For more information on PipeMaster, visit www.pipemastertools.com.

SeatSavers Protect Your Vehicles Interior

Keeping the interior of your SUV or pickup clean and damage free is important. Custom fit SeatSavers, from Covercraft industries, is the easy and inexpensive way to accomplish this. From family SUV, to daily work truck, to off-road vehicles and everything in between, Covercraft has a SeatSaver pattern to fit your vehicle’s front, 2nd and 3rd row seats. Cutouts are provided for adjustment knobs and seat belts. When your easy-on, easy-off SeatSavers get dirty, simply throw them into your home washer and dryer.

SeatSavers are fabricated from a heavy-duty polycotton fabric which “breathes”, eliminating that tacky, sticky feeling while driving. Their quality construction features overlapped and double-stitched seams, and the material is treated with a water repellency finish that blocks liquid from reaching your seats. SeatSavers will also protect your seat material from harmful UV rays. They are available in Navy Blue, Charcoal Black, Misty Gray, Gray, Wet Sand, Tan and Taupe. For complete information on SeatSavers and all their other vehicle interior and exterior protection products visit www.covercraft.com.  

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