World Products has introduced an innovative engine block that utilizes standard small block Chevy internal components and ignition, but allows the use of the superior flowing LS-series cylinder heads and intake manifold. The cast iron block employs a standard small block Chevy water flow path, with expanded water jackets holding 152 fluid ounces of coolant per side (almost a 1/2-gallon more than the OEM block). World also offers special adapters for LS cylinder heads that facilitate a return flow of coolant to the radiator and accommodate standard SBC accessory brackets.

The “Motown LS” block is ideally suited to enthusiasts who have invested in small block Chevy components—including pulley systems—and seek an economical means of upgrading to the newer LS-series cylinder head technology.

A “Sportsman” series block is available with nodular iron splayed 4-bolt mains, while a “Race” block has 1045 steel billet caps. Both have a 9.240" deck, 400 mains, and a 4.115" bore. A priority main oiling system assures optimum lubrication. Builders must use pistons compatible with the LS heads, and a special SBC camshaft that has lobes positioned properly for the LS valve train.

For more details on the Motown LS block visit www.WorldCastings.com, or call 631-981-1918. A complete catalog is available on the web for downloading.


Wolf Automotive keeps Corvette owners covered with car covers officially licensed by General Motors to feature the distinctive brand logo for C1-C5 era Corvettes.
Featuring Kimberly-Clark Block-It(r) protective fabrics, Wolf car covers deliver exterior protection from dirt, dents, scratches, tree sap and everything else Mother Nature has to offer.  For double protection, the covers also shield a vehicle's interior from the hot sun, guarding against fading of dashboards and leather seats.
A universal or custom fit cover is available to fit each generation of Corvettes, including the 1953-1962 C1, 1963-1967 C2, 1968-1982 C3, 1984-1996 C4 and 1997-2004 C5.
Available Corvette car covers from Wolf are the Noah(r), Dustop(tm), Evolution(r), 380F and 200 Series.

Custom fit covers are tailored to the Corvette's precise contours with carefully handcrafted patterns to include side mirror pockets, reinforced side grommets and minimal single-direction seams for a sleek, exact-fitting appearance.
To find a cover for your Vette, visit www.global-accessories.com/products.

Download Voodoo Ride’s New “Chillin’ Skull” Screensaver

Voodoo Ride’s latest screensaver, the “Chillin’ Skull,” is now available at no charge by visiting www.voodooride.com.  The “Chillin’ Skull” is the latest in a series of free screensavers that Voodoo Ride is making available to the Voodoo Ride nation.

“Since it is winter, we thought the ‘Chillin’ Skull’ screensaver would be a fun way to be ‘cool’ during the cold winter weather,” said Chris Ferraro, president, CEO and co-founder, along with Dale Earnhardt Jr., of Voodoo Ride.  “We always want to keep our Web site fresh with the latest news and offerings from Voodoo Ride and our free screensavers is a great way to give our fans something new on a frequent basis.”

 Voodoo Ride manufactures a complete line of automotive surface care products including Mojo (all surface speed detailer), Shoq (tire and wheel cleaner), Hypd (high gloss tire finish), Silq (synthetic liquid polish), Hexx (scratch remover), JuJu (concentrated car wash soap) and Jakd (micro fiber cloths).  To learn more about Voodoo Ride products, visit www.voodooride.com.