Advanced Clutch Technology (ACT) has released a new Heavy Duty performance clutch kit and components for the 05-07 Cobalt SS (supercharged).

ACTís new clutch kit for the Cobalt SS features a Heavy Duty Pressure Plate that incorporates hardened diaphragm fingers for decreased wear and provides a 33% increase in clamp force over the stock unit.

The ACT Street Clutch Kit combines the Heavy Duty Pressure Plate and a Performance Organic Disc, a disc that features special performance organic friction materials to withstand increased heat and abuse, steel backed linings for high burst strength and modifications engineered for quicker shifting. The ACT Street Clutch Kit provides increased pedal feel, smooth engagement and significantly improved consistency, durability and increases the torque capacity to 340lbs/ft.

ACT Race Clutch Kits will hold 435 lbs/ft of torque. Metallic Ceramic Xtreme Discs are available in 4 and 6 puck sprung and un-sprung hub designs and are very durable while allowing for quick shifting. The Xtreme Discs are designed for high power engines and are recommended for track use only.

For more information, visit www.advancedclutch.com.

Battery Bug – A clear, digital window into car battery health

These days as new car buyers are turning into old car maintainers, everyone is looking for a way to stretch the dollar. The Battery Bug monitor is a simple do-it-yourself install to prevent battery failure - the #1 cause of roadside assistance. To most people a battery is just a heavy black box with no way to tell whether you have a good one or a bad one. What about “voltage”, you say? That’s like trying to measure how full a glass of water is – with the bathroom scale.  It’s related, but unless you are a rocket scientist it isn’t very helpful.

Battery Bug measures CAPACITY. We’ve taken the test from a $600 professional battery tester and shrunk it down to matchbook size – and provided the information to the motorist under $40.

Why so important? Eliminate the #1 reason people get stranded on the road!

To learn more, check out www.batterybug.com.

SB Chevy Manifold specifically designed for new big inch small blocks

Now engine builders are creating super big inch small block Chevy engines. 454 and 468 cid monsters are easily available using Dart, Brodix or World Products blocks along with special cranks from Eagle, Callies, Scat and Ohio Crankshft. But until now, no one had specifically designed a manifold that had the necessary larger plenum and runners suitable for engines of this size. Over a year ago, Professional Products saw the need for a larger volume manifold and produced the Super Hurricane which has been available for some time. This manifold also works great on smaller inch alcohol engines which also require larger volume plenum and runners.

For more information on these big inch engines, see the March 2009 issue of
Chevy High Performance