Power Tank Keeps You Roll'n with the Heavy Duty Tire Repair Kit

Power Tank introduces the Heavy Duty Tire Repair Kit, giving you all of the right tools for emergency trailside or roadside tire repair. Whether you drive a truck, tow rig, Jeep, off-road car, work truck, or UTV, this kit is a "must have!"

The Power Tank Heavy Duty Tire Repair Kit allows you to fix five major tire problems including:

  1. 1. Puncture wound by a Nail or Other Sharp Object
  2. 2. Side Wall Cut from Tire Pinch or Jagged Rock/Root
  3. 3. Tread area cut by glass, sharp rock or metal
  4. 4. Broken Valve Stem
  5. 5. Leaking Valve Core

Power Tank is the only company to offer a high quality, complete tire repair kit that has been tested by automotive industry professionals at an affordable price with a lifetime warranty!

The Kit Includes 30 premium plugs, hardened steel tools w/ aluminum handles, needle nose pliers, 24" stainless steel sewing wire, 4-way valve tool, 2 valve stems w/ cores, lube, large patch w/ glue, knife, and a tough plastic case.

Don't let a 5 minute fix keep you stranded for hours; for more information about the Power Tank Heavy Duty Tire Repair Kit, please visit www.powertank.com or call (209) 334-0898.


Engine oil viscosity is critical for heavy use engines. High viscosity oils can increase internal heat and drag, creating parasitic power loss, while lightweight oils often don’t reduce metal-to-metal wear efficiently. Today’s stricter emissions regulations have forced auto manufacturers to place greater demands on internal lubrications systems. Using light viscosity oil can increase power, but can also increase the risk of internal parts wear.

Justice Brothers Heavy Duty Vehicle Lubrication Additive had been dyno tested and formulated for use in both gasoline and diesel engines. It assists in reducing internal friction, gear noise and high-temperatures without increasing oil viscosity.

In a time when people do not have that much money to spend, they can add Justice Brothers Heavy Duty Vehicle and increase horsepower and torque while protecting the internal moving parts of the engine. You will achieve the same results as some much more expensive hard parts.

This high-tech lubrication additive helps free sticky valves and rings, improves fuel efficiency, and increases parts longevity in a hard working engine. It’s perfect for big trucks, motorhomes, industrial vehicles, fleet vehicles or for your daily driver or motorcycle. Visit www.justicebrothers.com for complete information on all their vehicle care and maintenance products.

FAST EZ Clamp-On Tailpipe Wide-Band Sensor Mount Kit

Key to achieving the ultimate state of tune is having exact data. While FAST offers a supremely accurate wide-band air/fuel meter, the key to getting a precise reading is to ensure you tune with the correct information. The new FAST EZ Clamp-On Tailpipe Wide-Band Sensor Mount Kit attaches to your vehicle’s tailpipe so you can accurately measure exhaust wide-band readings to log in. The tailpipe kit is ideal for tuners and shops, allowing for wide-band sensor set-up to be completed within a few short minutes, as opposed to the length of time it takes to lift a car and cut/weld in an auxiliary wide-band sensor bung. No longer will you struggle or waste time drilling and welding on your headers or exhaust system for the sake of tuning.

The FAST EZ Clamp-On Tailpipe Wide-Band Sensor Mount Kit quickly mounts to a wide variety of tailpipe configurations using a mark-free rubber snubber bolt that clamps to the tailpipe. No welding or any modifications to the vehicle are required, making it perfect for the pro shop or home mechanic. Built from stainless steel, it will not scratch your tailpipe and will deliver years of solid service. Does not require any cutting, welding or removal of factory O2 sensors.

For more information about the FAST EZ Clamp-On Tailpipe Wide-Band Sensor Mount Kit, call us at 1-877-334-8355, or visit us online at www.fuelairspark.com.