Just Dashes can now add three gauge pods to your stock ’70-’71 Chevelle dash pad without altering the size or fit of the pad. The three gauge pods are angled toward the driver, eliminating the need to look down to check under dash mounted gauges or taking your eyes off the road or track. A quick glance to the right allows you to safely monitor your engine, boost, trans temp, etc. You can install any 2 1/16-inch gauges that you need, which are pressure fitted into the pod opening. A hole is drilled in the metal dash behind the pods, to allow the wiring and sending units to pass through.

This beautiful custom dash is created using your supplied original core and into which the pods are precisely hand molded. The entire pad is completely restored as well in the correct Madrid grain pattern. Your original core is stripped of the old cracked vinyl and a new base of closed- cell high-density foam is applied. The pad is then recovered with new vinyl and is available in all the original factory colors, or a custom color from your supplied color swatch. Plastic chrome plating, factory gauge and bezel restoration, quartz clock conversions and radio restoration are also available.

Visit www.justdashes.com to preview all their interior restoration products and services. For additional information, and an over the phone price quote for your dash or interior project, contact Just Dashes, 5941 Lemona Avenue, Van Nuys, CA 91411, 800-247-3274, Fax: 818-780-9014.


Sometimes the smallest details are the most easily overlooked.  When using a dry sump oiling system, the factory dip stick tube gets thrown to the side, but something needs to fill that hole. These dip stick hole plugs are designed to do just that on an LS engine.

The plugs are machined from billet 6061 aluminum and are designed to be a press fit, so installation requires a little tapping.

Visit kurturbanperformance.com for more information.

Mothers PowerCone Makes Intricate Metal Polishing Easy

Announcing the innovative PowerCone — the versatile metal polishing tool from Mothers Polishes • Waxes • Cleaners. Built on technology derived from the exclusive PowerBall line of foam polishing tools for cordless drills, the new PowerCone offers the same ease-of-use and spectacular results to quickly bring a shine to any uncoated polishable metal finish, no matter how intricate the design.

The PowerCone has an ingenious conical shape made of soft professional-grade foam to offer a wide range of possibilities, everything from radius polishing to the pinpoint accuracy needed for getting into tight, difficult-to-reach areas. Complementing the abilities of the popular PowerBall and PowerBall Mini, the cone's long, tapered side is also perfect for polishing broad, curved surfaces. Combined with your favorite Mothers metal polish — PowerMetal, Mag & Aluminum Polish or Billet Metal Polish — the PowerCone gives you a deep, mirror-like shine in less time. Simply apply the appropriate Mothers polish to the cone, set your drill speed and torque on “low,” and start polishing. It's washable and reusable, too.

PowerCone is the latest addition to the Mothers PowerBall line. Go to www.mothers.com for information on all of their products, along with a host of car care tips in the online Mothers Detail Guide at www.detailguide.com and the Wax Forum at www.waxforum.com. For a demo video of the PowerCone in action featuring automotive designer Chip Foose, please visit www.motherspowercone.com.