Magna Charger Camaro ZLs

Magna Charger’s new MP 2300 supercharger technology is the same used for the new ZR1 Corvette. The four-lobe rotor features a high-twist 160º helix that has improved efficiency (less power to drive), cooler discharge temperatures and is much quieter. Additional efficiency is the result of the unique bypass valve that reduces parasitic drag during normal driving. The Magna Charger also interfaces seamlessly with the GM Active Fuel Management system (some models) that cuts the engine to four cylinders at light throttle.

The Magna Charger ZLs system comes complete with a new, patented high-velocity aluminum intake manifold, integral water-to-air intercooler, and all necessary brackets, connectors, hardware and any needed specialized tools. The supercharger has a self-contained lubrication system that is maintenance-free. Calibration is included with a handheld computer programmer that re-programs the factory ECU and stores the original calibration for possible future use. A full instruction manual with color photos makes the step-by-step installation process easy to follow.

All Magna Charger supercharger systems carry a Standard 3-Year Limited warranty on the supercharger system, and Magna Charger also offers an optional 36,000-mile/3 Year Powertrain Warranty. For more information please contact: Magna Charger, 1990 Knoll Drive, Ventura, CA 93003. Phone: 866-534-6417, or visit Magnuson Products on the web at www.magnacharger.com.


The latest exhaust system fits the 2010 Camaro LS3 with a 6-speed manual transmission as well as the L99 with automatic transmission.  CORSA's patented Reflective Sound Cancellation technology works in conjunction with the L99's Active Fuel Management system to eliminate drone even when the Camaro is in 4-cylinder mode.

CORSA's cat-back Camaro exhaust features a dual rear exit with Single 4-inch Pro-Series tips.  The XO-pipe is included with the exhaust, which has a straight-through, 2.5-inch nonrestrictive design specifically created for the 2010 Camaro.

Designed to increase the Camaro's performance, CORSA's automatic exhaust system flows 19.5% better and is 19 lbs. lighter than stock.  The manual system delivers 6.5% improved flow and is 14 lbs. lighter than stock. 

Complete installation hardware and instructions are included with the Camaro exhaust systems, which can be purchased from your local dealer and through select retailers/distributors nationwide.  Visit www.corsaperformance.com to find a dealer near you.  A Limited Lifetime Warranty guarantees the exhaust system for as long as you own your vehicle.  

New DF593010 12 Inch Dual Friction Clutch Assembly For the 2010 LS3 Chevrolet Camaro

Centerforce is proud to introduce this 12” Dual Friction clutch assembly that has an increased holding capacity over the standard clutch assembly for a 2010 Chevrolet Camaro equipped with the LS3 engine. This new clutch assembly replaces the stock plate with this 12-inch, more reliable heavy-duty assembly that is designed as a direct bolt in for perfect fit and function.  Centerforce strives to provide the best products on the market at any performance level by constantly testing different materials and designs to find the best combination.  This new application is now available as a Dual Friction® clutch assembly for use in high torque street driving to racing applications. The Dual Friction part number DF593010 (Pressure Plate, & Disc included) is now available. A Centerforce flywheel is required for this application. The Flywheel part numbers are 700142 (Billet Steel) and 900142 (Billet Aluminum).

Please contact any Centerforce dealer or Centerforce directly with questions at 928/771-8422 or visit them online at www.centerforce.com