First aftermarket 8-rib serpentine pulley system for LS engines with Whipple 2.9 liter superchargers

LS-powered Muscle cars using the Whipple W175FF 2.9-liter blower now have access to the first high-traction eight-rib serpentine pulley kit.

Driving a blower that creates up to 10lbs of boost requires adequate belt grip and by increasing the ribbed surface area by 33 percent - substituting eight ribs for the traditional six - Concept One’s latest single-belt system achieves this without belt stretch or slippage.

Created and fully CNC-machined from pure aircraft-quality 6061-T6 billet aluminum, this kit, in common with its predecessors for Magnuson, GM LSA, and Edelbrock superchargers, is engineered for easy installation and perfect fit with pulley ratios calculated for optimum drivability.

To ease the installation prospects of the fully dressed LS power unit, Concept One relocated the A/C compressor from its original position on the lower right to the upper right. In doing so, LS transplants now possess adequate clearance around most chassis cross-members and other chassis components.

This kit provides a compact, polished Sanden SD-7 compressor as well as a new Delphi aluminum power steering pump. As standard equipment the pump is supplied with Concept One’s exclusive billet mini reservoir or remote reservoir. Also included are a cast aluminum water pump and a 105-amp polished Powermaster one-wire alternator.

Other key components include a heavy-duty tensioner and Goodyear Gatorback belt together with an SFI-approved harmonic balancer. To complete the kit all necessary 8-rib pulleys and mounting brackets are provided. These accommodate the alternator, A/C compressor, power steering and the supercharger idler.

Prepared with either a machined or polished finish or in black or clear anodized finish, prices start at $2,795.

For further information contact Concept One, 6320 Highway 400 North Cumming, GA 30028, Toll Free: (877) 337-0688 or visit

DynoMax Mobile Sound Lab App Gives Performance Enthusiasts the Sound Experience of DynoMax Mufflers

DynoMax Performance Exhaust has announced the launch of its new “Mobile Sound Lab” app, designed to help consumers shopping for a performance muffler to experience each muffler’s unique sound.

Available in the iTunes App Store, the DynoMax Mobile Sound Lab iPad app allows the user to compare the sound tones and differences between each of the DynoMax mufflers, including the drone-free DynoMax VT, Ultra Flo Welded, Ultra Flo Welded X, Ultra Flo welded round, Ultra Flo SS polished, Super Turbo, Race Bullet and Race Mini Bullet mufflers. The app also showcases the sounds of the popular Thrush Exhaust muffler line, including the Thrush Mad Hot, Hush Thrush, Turbo, Welded and Glasspack mufflers.

“Performance enthusiasts ultimately want to know how the muffler is going to sound, and the DynoMax Mobile Sound lab provides a true muffler sound experience that’s easily accessible on any iPad,” said Chris Gauss, sales and marketing manager, performance brands, Tenneco. “Consumers love this app! It makes the decision-making process that much easier.”

To download the app on your iPad, please visit and click the “Power Corner” tab and select “Mobile Sound Lab App” from the drop-down menu.