Champion Brands Develops New Racing Brake Fluid

CHAMPION 600 SERIES RACING BRAKE FLUID DOT 4 was developed for extreme racing applications where a dry boiling point exceeding minimum requirements is preferred. The Champion 600 Series Racing Brake Fluid is a high-performance brake fluid developed for severe duty racing applications under high heat and extreme pressure. This new to the commercial market brake fluid is race proven by domestic and international top-tier teams.

The Champion 600 Series Racing Brake Fluid is designed to withstand excessive heat without boiling or affecting brake performance while maintaining it viscosity, resistance to aeration, compressibility, and lubricity. This proprietary chemistry is purpose built to combat boil-off and the effects of water contamination more effectively than conventional brake fluids.

Champion 600 Series Racing Brake Fluid has a typical dry boiling point of 580° F (304º C). These numbers far exceed any DOT or SAE specifications. Packaging is in 12 ounce containers hermetically sealed to guarantee against unwanted absorption of moisture which can drastically lower the brake fluid boiling point.

For more information about Champion Brands Brake Fluid contact your nearest Champion distributor, or call Champion at 800-821-5693 or 660-885-8151. 


The LNC-002 also includes a Timing Retard function useful in turbocharged, supercharged and nitrous applications. The LNC-002 can be used as an adjustable, individual cylinder RPM limiter that provides fast-acting, spark-based engine RPM limit control.  It also features a Timing Retard function that can retard timing by up to 15 degrees.  The timing retard can be based off of manifold pressure for turbocharged and supercharged applications or can be time-based for nitrous oxide applications.  It can also be used in combination with the launch control function off the line in drag racing to build additional boost in turbocharged applications.

Featuring a custom-molded, high-temperature glass filled Nylon 6 enclosure, users have direct access to the launch controller settings without having to remove a cover or access panel.  The product's RPM limiter activation can be adjusted from 1,500 to 9,900 RPM in 100 RPM increments, and both ground activation and 12-volt activation inputs are provided for RPM limit activation. Additional product benefits include a 40-MHz 16-bit automotive-qualified processor; dedicated timers on each coil drive circuit to keep timing accurate over the full RPM range; independent coil drives that provide Sequential Ignition Kill when RPM limiting is active; active clamps and optical isolation to suppress electrical noise; separate RPMx100, RPMx1000, Degrees and Rate switches for easy adjustment; and an analog voltage output wire to send timing retard information to data acquisition systems.

The LNC-002 (part number L460095297) is designed for use on all GM LS series engines - LS1, LS6, LS2, LS3, LS7, LQ4 and other Gen III/IV GM V8 applications - as well as GM V8 engines that use the same ignition coil system.

A second version of the launch controller, the LNC-003 (part number L460105297), is also available and provides two separate adjustable RPM limits but does not provide a Timing Retard function.

For more information, visit www.lingenfelter.com, contact Lingenfelter Performance Engineering at 1557 Winchester Road, Decatur, IN 46733, or call 260.724.2552.