SPAL USA, a leading manufacturer of OEM and aftermarket electric cooling fans since 1959, introduces a 16" Fan Gasket for hot rodders and enthusiasts who want to mount their fans directly to the radiator core without a shroud.
The specially designed rubber Fan Gasket provides an additional 1/4-inch clearance from the cooler core and is ideal for mounting pusher style fans.  It features universal brackets and works exclusively with SPAL's 16" fan line, which includes their popular High Performance Push Straight Blade fan ) and High Performance Push Curved Blade fan. 
SPAL also offers medium and low profile 16" fans where improved airflow is needed on vehicles with tighter space requirements. 
All SPAL fans and blowers can be purchased direct from SPAL USA at www.spalusa.com or through an authorized SPAL USA dealer.

7.25" Steel V-Drive Bellhousing Kits from Quarter Master

Offering the lowest moment of inertia and the best quality of components in the industry, the Quarter Master 7.25" Steel V-Drive Bellhousing Kits ensure that both acceleration and deceleration are improved, while still giving you maximum driveline durability and rules legality.  These lightweight  kits  combine  state-of-the-art  engineering  and years of racing expertise to give you the perfect combination of quality and value.

These premium kits feature a lightweight CNC-machined steel bellhousing (18 lbs.) that ensures proper concentricity for reduced driveline wear, an ultra light flexplate that reduces the moment of inertia and a 2 or 3-disc V-drive clutch with a balanced button flywheel. The 7.25" V-drive multi-disc clutch offers better cooling, allows clutch dust to easily escape the unit and lowers the moment of inertia.  The  balanced  button  flywheel  is  the  best  complement  to  the  ultra-light flexplate, as it provides the lightest clutch for your performance dollar.

The CNC-machined lightweight steel bellhousing accepts Quarter Master Tri-Lite or Floating Hydraulic  Throw-Out  Bearings  to  increase  concentricity  and  parallelism.  With features that significantly improve throttle response and deceleration, along with advanced Quarter Master engineering and manufacturing techniques, this kit a “must have” investment for the Chevy crate racer.

The New "Removable Rear Cross Bar" accessory for "Hauler II" & "Utility Body" Racks

Hauler Racks now has a kit that converts their rear cross bar into a removable cross bar that is quickly and easily removed. Works on all "Hauler II" universal truck racks and "Utility Body" racks. Just ask for the RCBH2-1 when you place your order for the hottest selling universal aluminum rack series.

Quick Turnaround Time: Hauler Racks prides itself with a fast turnaround time to get the product shipped to you. Most items are in stock at all times. Small orders ship same day or next day depending on when you place your order. Larger orders may take 3-4 days.

For more information, contact Hauler Racks at 800-843-5445, or online at haulerracks.com.