High-performance engines need high-performance tools, like this 1000-pound valve spring compression tool (#66776) from Proform Parts. This is a precision tool, utilizing a hand turned screw-type spring compressor, and battery operated digital readout, to provide the ultimate in exacting spring tension measurements. This spring compressor is the latest addition to Proform’s expanding line of engine building tools. Suggested retail price is approximately $540.

This is a tough tool for the amateur or professional. Made from billet aluminum and featuring Red anodizing to protect the surface, and a bright pressure readout powered by a single 9-volt battery. It’s portable, or can be conveniently secured to your workbench. A hardened stainless ruler indicates spring height in inches or millimeters. Check springs up to 1.5-inches in diameter and 4-inches in height. Digital display reads in 1-lb (0.5 kg) increments, and has a back lighting feature. Peak hold and automatic shutoff are other included features.

This affordable Proform spring compressor is the perfect addition to your engine building and maintenance toolbox. Preview this tool, and all Proform’s other internal and external engine building tools and products, at

New Holley Valve Covers for GM LS Engines

Holley’s cast aluminum valve covers for GM LS engines provide a fresh, refined look without the need to relocate the coils. There’s no question the factory “coil on cover” design give the LS that signature high-tech look, but the factory brackets and coil location leave room for improvement. Clean up that signature look with Holley’s LS Valve Covers. They incorporate a radiused shape, angled coil mounting, and a billet fill cap. The coils mount directly to the cover with no need for a bracket in-between. They fit most popular LS series engines and come in Black Krinkle, Satin, Natural Cast, and Polished. They can also be painted to match your vehicle’s theme.

For more information contact Holley Tech Service, 1801 Russellville Road, Bowling Green, KY 42101. Telephone 270-781-9741. For nearest dealer: 1-800-HOLLEY-1. Or visit them on the web at

Wilwood ProMatrix SRP Rotor Kits for 1997-2006 Corvettes

New from Wilwood, ProMatrix SRP series cross-drilled and face-slotted directional rotors offer a high-tech look with improved pad performance for all C5 and standard production C6 Corvettes. In addition to their aesthetic appeal and heat dissipation characteristics, the venting and cleaning action of the hole and slot pattern reduces pad glaze and minimizes any irregular pad build up on the face of the rotor.  The results are smoother engagement at the pedal with improved consistency, response, and service life from the pads.  All SRP rotors are cast from premium grade carbon iron and precision machined for flatness, parallelism and overall run out. A bright zinc finish is applied to reduce corrosion on areas of the rotor not cleaned by pad contact. SRP rotors can be coupled with one of several high performance Wilwood ProMatrix pad compounds to match brake response and heat resistance to all types of driving styles using the OE calipers.

See the Wilwood website for more information at