Hotchkis "Stage 2" TVS Bolt-on Suspension Upgrades for 1970-81 Camaro & Firebird

Hotchkis has long offered the popular Total Vehicle System (TVS) for the second gen Camaro, but with the new Stage 2 kit, Camaro owners have even more options for dramatically improving the overall handling, high-speed stability and tire adhesion of any 1970-81 Camaro, Firebird or Trans-Am all with one easy part number.

The Hotchkis TVS already provides drivers with tuned Sport Coil Springs, Sport Leaf Springs that lower ride height and prevent wheel hop, adjustable 1-3/8” and 7/8” Sport Sway Bars and Heavy Duty Tie Rod Sleeves. The new Stage 2 system adds to that package with geometry corrected Tubular Upper and Lower Control Arms which increase caster and improve the camber curve increasing front end grip and traction, low profile Sub Frame Connectors to stiffen the chassis, and Hotchkis Tuned/Bilstein shocks for improved vehicle control and stance. The result is a complete handling package matched and tuned for both street and track driving which addresses alignment, stance and chassis stiffness, and reduces body roll, wheel hop and  axle wrap-up.

All Hotchkis kits are made in the USA, and rigorously designed and tested for use on the track, while maintaining comfort for cruising. Every aspect of the suspension has been re engineered for the maximum performance roll and improved handling. The Stage 2 TVS comes complete with heavy duty shackles, u-bolts, pads, and all necessary hardware.

To preview the entire line of Hotchkis Sport Suspension parts and components, please visit, email, or contact Hotchkis Performance, 8633 Sorensen Ave, Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670, 877-4-NOROLL.

Alston Racing Introduces New Power Drag Racing Wiring Kit

Using OEM multiplexing technology, the new Alston Electronics Power Drag Racing Kit provides a rugged, proven electrical system that eliminates wires on the chassis, greatly reducing  the time required to wire the car. The kit also includes functions that have been unavailable in traditional wiring harnesses and offers power diagnostics to help identify and fix electrical problems quickly. 

The system is designed for harsh-duty and off-highway applications. The Electronics Power Drag Racing kit uses the exact same components as systems used in first-responder vehicles, utility trucks and military vehicles. The entire system has been tested to survive vibration, mechanical shock, temperature extremes and harsh chemical exposure. 

Utilizing an exclusive multiplexed switch panel, the Alston Electronics Drag Racing Kit simplifies the entire switch wiring process to two simple conductors, dramatically reducing the size and weight of the electrical harness in the vehicle. Additionally, the multiplexed architecture means that you put the Powercell where you need it in the car, further reducing the size and weight of the power harness. 

The Alston Electronics Drag Racing Kit becomes a great foundation for your electrical system. Depending on your car and your application, additional Powercells can be added to control other electrical functions, including nitrous oxide systems. Best of all, additional modules are completely plug-and-play and can be added to the car when you need them.

For more information on this and other Alston Racing products or to get your free Alston Racing catalog, call 847/394-3500.