Some things are pretty much standard in automotive circles and having no replacement for displacement is one of them. Although owners of Big-Block Chevy mills already have size on their side, adding huge cubic inches to the heralded Rat engine and doing it with bulletproof components is now a cinch with the release of new bottom-end rolling assemblies from Lunati.

Lunati’s Voodoo Engine Kits deliver big-inch, affordably-priced engine components for the popular big-block Chevy 396-454 engine family and are available as rotating assembly kits (Lunati Voodoo Crankshaft, H-beam 4340 forged steel rods, Lunati forged pistons, pins, rings, main and rod bearings). Voodoo big-block engine kits begin with a 4340 forged alloy steel crankshaft, for superior strength and durability, CNC machined, and drilled for rotating weight reduction.

Each Voodoo crank is windage profiled, to reduce oiling system drag, nitride processed, to reduce bearing journal surface wear and abrasion, then dynamically balanced. Lunati H-beam rods are also made from heat treated 4340 forged steel, CNC machined and fitted with premium grade, high tensile strength ARP rod bolts. Voodoo kits include forged Lunati pistons, CNC machined from 2618 aluminum alloy plus wrist pins and rings.

Lunati also offers Voodoo cams, lifters and timing sets, correctly matched for your specific engine, chassis and vehicle use by Lunati’s own tech experts. Hydraulic roller, hydraulic flat tappet, flat tappet and solid roller tappet cams are available in a number of grinds. Voodoo cams are engineered to deliver more area under the lift curve, for quicker throttle response and acceleration, plus maximum horsepower and torque across a broad rpm range. Lunati Voodoo Engine kits allow you to build a 565, 598 or 632 cubic inch, ground pounder that will bury the competition. Voodoo big-block Chevy Engine Kits deliver huge horsepower at an affordable price.

For more information about Lunati products or tech support services, call 662-892-1500 or visit online at www.lunatipower.com.

PQ Series LS Valve Covers with Racing Rocker Arm Cutout

PRW Industries, Inc. announces their brand new PQ Series Fabricated Aluminum Valve Covers, available for LS series engines featuring machined cutout rails for aftermarket racing rocker arms. This eliminates the need for valve cover clearance and machine work.

These valve covers are three times taller than stock valve covers, eliminating the need for valve cover risers.  Perfect for street performance junkies, racers, and machining enthusiasts trying to save weight while still giving your engine the edge. Crafted from 6061-T6 aluminum alloy, they have successfully endured rigorous individual pressure testing, proving that they are built to last.  The incredible ability to withstand the harsh elements of racing makes these them the perfect solution for street rod and racing applications.  Thicker rails and better materials assure long lasting durability.  Fasteners included.  Offered with or without coil pack standoffs, in satin silver anodized, satin black anodized and polished clear anodized. For more information, contact PRW (714) 792-1000 or www.PRW-USA.com.