Nexbelt, "The Belt With No Holes" Introduces Its New Corvette, Camaro and Chevy Belt Buckles

Nexbelt, The Belt With No Holes, announced today that they have introduced a new line of belt buckles for the automotive enthusiasts. The new Corvette, Camaro and Chevy logo belt buckles feature Nexbelt's unique ratcheting system called PreciseFit that allows the belt to be adjusted in ¼" increments.

The belt hasn't changed much over the years. How it's presented, its function, and its packaging have all remained the same, up until now that it is. Nexbelt has finally reinvented one of the most essential accessories in your closet. Nexbelt is a Belt With No Holes. Its unique ratcheting system allows you to adjust the belt in ¼" increments, and completely eliminates the need for holes as well as the traditional pin/buckle system.

Traditional belts of the past century are uncomfortable, and due to their pin/buckle design have a tendency to wear quickly and unevenly. As the wearers waistline changes, it necessitates the creation of unsightly holes in an often uneven manner.  Nexbelt™ gives consumers a fashionable streamline appearance while supplying a practical solution to an uncomfortable problem.  Allowing for a reduction of up to 15 waist sizes with the same belt, and the forgiveness of a few inches following a hearty meal, PreciseFit Technology provides wearers with a natural feel and a more comfortable fit.

With Nexbelt, you simply trim the length according to the waist size marked on the back of the belt (from 30" to 50"). Then, the unique ratcheting system allows you to adjust the belt in 1/4" increments. Even if you have lost or gained weight recently, the Nexbelt with fit your waist line perfectly every time. What you're left with is a belt that is incredibly comfortable, and very fashionable.

Now Corvette, Camaro and Chevy owners can proudly display the logo of their favorite vehicle and benefit from the comfort that only a Nexbelt can provide.

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New Competition Series pistons for Sportsman big-block Chevrolet racing engines

Known as their Competition Series, they are suitable for most 24- or 26-degree valve angle big-block cylinder heads. As expected, they cater to race engines in several favored classes, including Top Dragster, Top Sportsman, ET Bracket, which encompass all popular 500 and 600-plus cu in big-block engine packages.

Diamond’s new Competition Series pistons are created from the more shock-resistant 2618 aluminum alloy inboard forgings. In addition, they are lighter in weight than the conventional piston body, yet their inboard-style structure provides greater strength and as such accepts small to medium applications of nitrous.

Equally appealing are their vertical gas ports. Visible around the perimeter of the piston’s top deck, they transfer combustion pressures to the inner edges of the top rings deftly sealing them to the cylinder walls. To reduce friction in the cylinder bores and combat wear, a molybdenum coating is applied to the piston skirts as standard.

With familiar big-block Chevrolet deck heights of 9.800in and 10.200in., the compression ratios are configured with the piston set at 0.005in to 0.020in below the deck surface. Bore sizes from 4.500in to 4.625in are accommodated as well as compression ratios from 14:1 to 16:1. Compression heights range from 1.065in to 1.270in.

More interesting news is that Diamond’s Competition Series pistons are delivered with H13 tool steel piston pins (both Detroit-made) with wall thickness of 0.185in. The pins operate in robust pin bores equipped with twin oiling ports.

Inlet and exhaust valve relief depths are stated as 0.325in and 0.120in respectively and the pistons are configured to accept valves sizes of up to 2.350in and 1.900in. The top ring is placed 0.290in to 0.300in down from the crown. Lastly, Total Seal AP piston ring packages are offered as an option. Their dimensions are 0.043in x 0.043in x 3/16in.

Diamond’s Competition Series pistons will be available starting January 02, 2014.

For more information contact Diamond Pistons at 23003 Diamond Drive, Clinton Township, MI 48035, Telephone (877) 552-2112, visit, or e-mail Mike Panetta at

Strange Pro HD Case

The new Strange Pro HD Aluminum case bridges the gap between our popular Lightweight Aluminum case and the race proven Ultra Case. The Strange Pro HD Aluminum case is designed for Drag Race and the most abusive Hi-Performance Street/Strip applications. The case is crafted from superior 206-T4 heat treated aluminum which has a 32% higher tensile strength than the commonly used 356-T6 aluminum. The billet aluminum support is held in with 7/16” ARP bolts and contains a unique oil channel to maximize oil flow to the pinion bearings for extended use. The robust billet caps and 9/16” thru bolt design compliment the case to significantly reduce gear deflection extend the life of the gear. The Strange Pro HD Aluminum case is available in 3.062”, 3.250” & 3.812” bore sizes.