Street Fire Late Model Coil Packs - Great Price, Great Performance!

MSD Performance is expanding their Street Fire brand of quality and budget-minded ignition components with new coils for late model trucks and modern muscle cars! 

Street Fire coils are based on the OEM form but have been engineered with improved winding materials to improve the efficiency of the inductance process which promotes improved energy and performance. Remember, factory coils are designed to be inexpensive and to deliver adequate performance at best. By concentrating on the internal windings and material, the entire coil can be optimized for increased performance.  

The Street Fire Coils are available for late model V8 engines from GM, Chrysler and Ford as singles or in a complete set. Since these coils are spec'd by the R&D team at MSD, you can be sure that you're getting a high quality replacement coil for your late model muscle car. Also, these coils are backed with a full one year warranty.

A number of applications are available. For more information, please contact Silver Gomez at or call 915-856-2480.


An exclusive from Belt Drives Limited, the “FALCON SPC” (Sport Plus Carbon) drive belt, designed and manufactured by GoodYear,  provides  up to 33% more tensile strength than conventional aramid reinforced belts. Additionally the high temperature rubber compound provides excellent flex and service life while a patented fabric-reinforced tooth surface can improve horsepower at the rear wheel, improve wear resistance and sustain belt-penetrating debris without breakage. BDL/FALCON SPC are available in popular application sizes including 1-1/2”, 1-1/8”, 1” and 20mm widths.

With the addition of the new FALCON SPC to their already expansive line of Gates and Carlisle Panther products, BDL offers an unmatched line of superior quality primary and secondary drive belts. And don't  forget the Belt Drives Limited group also includes GMA, JAMAR, and Blower drive Service. For more information, visit

Black Street Demon Carbs

Holley is proud to announce the release of the new Shadow Black Ceramic Coating option for Street Demon Carburetors. 

The Shadow Black finish wraps up all the features of the Street Demon line in an aggressive and subtle package that also acts as a barrier to corrosion and heat. Street Demon carburetors are known for their clean looks, ease of use and revolutionary design. This design ensures a stable idle, crisp throttle response, and smooth performance. Their optimized calibrations and dual mounting pattern make them Run-Ready™ for a variety of engines and vehicles. 

All of the popular and innovative features associated with these carburetors are included in the Shadow Black version, plus they utilize the Street Demon aerospace composite fuel bowl that keeps fuel up to 20° cooler. They have an integrated fuel bowl/main body with all gaskets above the fuel level to eliminate all potential leak paths.  They feature small primary bores with triple stack boosters for excellent fuel economy and throttle response, plus a large Goggle Valve Secondary (GVS™) throttle plate that delivers over twice the airflow of the primaries for increased power.

They’re available in both 625 and 750 CFM and all Holley Street Demon’s have Ford kickdown provisions, GM 700R4/200R4 provisions and available TPS kits for GM 4L60E/4L80E transmissions.