This was the last part of getting my fuel system completed, the installation of the Holley Terminator EFI system, but the Summit carb filled in very nicely as I built the system to supply the 45PSI of filtered system petrol to the throttle body as required by Holley.

The final fuel system I installed is a Holley “Terminator” EFI system of 900 CFM. Please do not think I was way over the top with a 900 CFM throttle body with my EFI, but the truth of the matter is with an EFI system going big on the throttle body doesn’t hurt a thing not even off-idle stomping and throwing both primary and secondary blades wide open. It adjusts and acts like that never happened. But, before I installed the Terminator I drove it around with the summit 750cfm carb without a problem. When I stomped it, it took off like a scalded dog setting me back in my seat with a look of glee on my face.

Can I recommend this Summit Racing carburetor to others? That gets a big “YES”, because for the street it is just as good as any of the carbs I have used over the years. It takes all the same parts (tunable parts) as a Holley so don’t be afraid to try it. They probably sell 10 / 600 cfm models to one 750 model, but that is normal. You have to be making close to 400 hp or have +400 ci to need 750 cfm anyway.

Once I had the fuel system all configured I disconnected the fuel line from the mechanical pump up front and installed the Terminator. To be honest it didn’t increase horsepower on my engine, but it was dead even with it. What I saw mostly was a big increase in fuel economy and that is always “quite nice”. But, cold starting is not a problem now, as I do not have to pump the pedal or do anything. In fact all I do is turn the key on, let the fuel pump run until it stops and then turn the key to fire the engine. I will get into that install later.

Showcase by CarCapsule – The Ultimate Premium Storage Solution

CarCapsule is pleased to introduce the Showcase, an ultra-premium vehicle storage shelter, and the next evolution of CarCapsule technology.  The luxury Showcase seals your treasured vehicle away from dings, dust, dirt, corrosion, mildew, musty odors, and pests, while presenting it in a show quality display. Described as a “Touchless Car Cover”, Showcase provides ultimate protection, yet never touches the vehicle.

Showcase is supported by heavy duty and resilient inflatable air columns, and features a front panel which zips open and away, allowing the vehicle to simply be driven in or out. The side panels zip open as well, providing easy walk-in access and enabling vehicle doors to be opened without interference. Using CarCapsule’s proven Evaporative Storage System (E.S.S.) technology, air inside the Showcase is exchanged with filtered outside air 3-5 times every hour, keeping the temperature inside consistent with the temperature outside and eliminating moisture that could condense on the vehicle. Showcase features durable 10 mil PVC windows and an 18 mil PVC floor that is mildew, abrasion and flame resistant, as well as impervious to oil, gas and antifreeze.

Easy one-step set up; simply attach the included air pump and the Showcase is ready for use in 3-4 minutes. Go to for a demonstration.

Offered for automobiles, motorcycles or as a solution for most any situation that requires a dust-free, and dry storage shelter. Custom configurations, made to customer specifications, are also available.

For more information visit, or contact directly at (219) 945-9493 or .