Volume I, Issue 3, Page 60

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Test Your Chevy Knowledge

You say you're looking for a quick dose of Chevrolet trivia? Hey, you're in luck! Try this five-spot on for size. It's an easy quiz, but you may have to look around a bit for the answers. They are all about racing exploits, past and present, across the wide spectrum of BOWTIE Speed Sport. At least as wide as five questions will get ya! Enjoy.

The first Chevrolet was introduced in:
Louis Chevrolet, the company's namesake, was also a:
Before it was officially named the Camaro, Chevy's F-body was known as:
The name Nova also means
In 1957 Chevy offered racers a limited-production vehicle named:

September Quiz Answer

Turbocharged Chevy Trivia!

QUESTION: Throughout the years, enthusiastic Chevy engineers have done their best to up the ante in the horsepower department with special cams, intakes systems, multiple carbs and hot ignitions. There have also been special edition machines with power adders as options such as the Calloway Twin Turbo Corvette and a special Duntov Turbo model for the Gen 3 cars. But those were third-party limited productions. As for the General, Chevy has only ever offered three models that came factory-equipped with a turbocharger. Can you name them?

ANSWER: There were actually four turbo cars produced (marketed) by Chevrolet.  The three that I referred to were 1) The Turbo Corvair; 2) The Turbo Sprint; and 3) The Turbo Spectrum.  A smart reader, Rogelio Landgrave pointed out that there was also a 1-year Turbo Monte Carlo.  Also a winner, Dave Bloxom listed the three cars above as his answer as well.

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