Volume I, Issue 4, Page 68

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Test Your Chevy Knowledge

You say you're looking for a quick dose of Chevrolet trivia? Hey, you're in luck! Try this five-spot on for size. It's an easy quiz, but you may have to look around a bit for the answers. They're all about everyone's favorite Chevy, the Corvette.

The first Corvette was introduced in:
The first year for Corvette, GM produced how many cars?
How many of those first-year cars are suspected of existing today?
The first year Corvette was available in what color/engine combinations?
Itís generally accepted that the Father of the Corvette was:

October Quiz Answers

Turbocharged Chevy Trivia!

Thanks to everyone who participated in our trivia game: Roy Landgrave is our October winner! The answers to our trivia questions are as follows:

The first Chevrolet was introduced in:
C, 1912
Louis Chevrolet, the company's namesake, was also a:
C, Race car driver
Before it was officially named the Camaro, Chevy's F-body was known as:
B, Panther
The name Nova also means:
D, No go
In 1957 Chevy offered racers a limited-production vehicle named:
A, The Black Widow

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