Volume III, Issue 1, Page 41


My afternoon catnap in the executive suite at the Phlegm Building in downtown O’Fallon, Mo., was quickly shattered by the urgent ringing of my padded cell phone.  Placing the offending object in the general area of my head, I grunted a weak hello.

“Martin, I need a Chevy-only quiz for Max Chevy," the voice barked.

It was publisher Burk.

“Chevy only,” I thought. “What do I know about Chevys? I had just one auto shop class in my life, got an ‘F.’ And besides, how many people on the good ship Lollipop, care about ONLY Chevys. What about Packards, Kaisers, Ramblers, or, for that matter, Diamond Reo cement mixers?”

I leaned around the edge of my cubicle and sputtered.

“One question or five?”


#1 Bill Jenkins’ middle name is …
A Taylor
C Tyrone
B Tyler
D Tyson
#2 Considering engines only, John Force crew chief Austin Coil has never competed with a Chevy race car. True or False.
A True
B False
#3 The first seven-second Top Fuel run at Lions Drag Strip was run in 1963 by the late Gary Gabelich in a Chevy-powered dragster. The car owner was …
A Bill Martin
C Dell Doss
B Chet Herbert
D Layne Watari
#4 At the 1967 NHRA Nationals, a Michigan racer won Stock Eliminator in a rather sizeable upset. Who was it?
A Paul Mercure
C Ben Wenzel
B Jeff Leonard D Dick Arons
#5 In the middle-to-late 1960s, this burr-haircutted Michigander was one of the leading lights in Chevrolet Super Stock and Stock racing. A decade later, he did very well in Pro Stock, but with another brand. His name?
A Dave Strickler
C Wally Booth
B Joe Satmary D Dick Branstner

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