VOLUME XII,  ISSUE 4 - OCT. - DEC.,  2018


Doug Yanosik’s ’67 Nova

Photos by Brad Baker

When a barrel of nitromethane solvent was delivered to my shop in Kahoka, MO, years ago, we always opened the bungs and drew out some of the golden liquid to see the actual percentage we had obtained. Ninety-eight percent was about the max you could hope for, however racers across the land always called it a full load, “100% Pure.”

The owner/builder of this near perfect ’67 Chevrolet Nova is Doug Yanosik, a long time Chevrolet performance stalwart with considerable relations to the iconic GM brand. Doug’s early life was spent in New Jersey where he raced and won two NHRA titles. At the same time he worked as a tune up tech for Chevrolet.


Bill Thomas Race Cars located in Anaheim, CA,, was actively recruiting Chevrolet winners to join their force of dedicated GM-trained technicians. Doug fit this mold and was accepted at the giant factory-sponsored plant. He was gifted at GM Performance and a huge assistant to the Harmon & Baker Pro Stock effort during the first year of the class, 1970.

Yanosik, decked out in his GM Goodwrench togs, watches over judges and your writer at Steve Barcak’s 2017 Nostalgia Car Show near Phoenix. The pristine car was built during 2000 – 2004 in Las Vegas where Doug lived for a time. We remember him working as a top tech at a Chevrolet dealership in Albuquerque, NM, back in the late ‘70s. It was this relationship which Doug turned to for the fabulous paint job on his prize-winning car.

A rear view shows the attention to detail which Doug used throughout. Note the Nevada Classic Vehicle license plate since his residence was Henderson, NV, during most phases of the Nova’s restoration.

The engine compartment shows a near period perfect small block engine derived from a GM crate 350 cubic inch block along with available GM aluminum cylinder heads. Doug did all machine work and parts matching. “I spent plenty of years wrenching all phases of Chevrolet Service Departments,” he said, “so everything on this car, I did myself.”

At an Arizona Nostalgia Car Show in December, Doug’s beautiful Nova won the ‘Best Paint’ award. He remarked that this was amazing since the paint job on the Nova is 12 years old. It was provided by Tony Martinez at the CPM body shop in Albuquerque.

Doug’s interior is as clean and original as possible, with an eye for available Chevrolet accessories and parts.

During a ‘cruise’ on the Los Angeles County Fairgrounds, Doug was asked to join other vintage Novas in front of the NHRA Museum for a photo opt. He happily parked next to the Red Riding Hood blown gasser and let the fans click away.


Currently Doug lives in Murrieta, CA, near Winchester Road in a fast developing portion of Riverside County.

In 2005, when the Nova was brand new on the show circuit, this writer attended a Friday night cruise event with Doug before he left for the East Coast. The‘cruise runs every Friday evening in Escondido, CA, on Grand Avenue. Doug’s car was a stand-out even then.

Doug admitted to me that he has won too many awards to remember them all, and like most of us, did not make a list from day one. He did remember that he won ‘Best of Show’ with the Nova at Henderson, North Carolina in 2006. And in 2015  at the J & M Speed Center show in Riverside, CA.


No matter how you look at it, Doug’s Nova is a Chevrolet work of art. Art which was performed by a Master GM Craftsman, who was trained in every aspect of Chevrolet development and refined by working at High Performance venues like Bill Thomas Race Cars.  At age 70, Doug may never build another work of art like the ’67 Nova, but from this writer’s perspective, the ‘Best Paint’ is holding up quite well. 


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