Volume I, Issue 2, Page 53

Chevrolet. As patriotic as baseball, mom and apple pie!

If you’re a Yenko, COPO, Fred Gibb-Dick Harrell, Nickey, Berger, or Motion Performance Chevrolet aficionado, then Gateway International Raceway, and nearby Gateway Center were THE places to be Labor Day weekend, as the Yenko Sports Car Club and the Gateway Camaro Club co-hosted the 9th Annual Musclecar Reunion IX. I mean, talk about ‘60’s GM muscle car sensory overload!  Forget the U.S. Nationals at nearby Indianapolis Raceway Park. If you’re a vintage Chevrolet musclecar enthusiast, this was where you needed to be!

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Collectibles whether they be Yenko, Dick Harrell-Fred Gibb, Nickey, Motion, et al. are BIG with SYC enthusiasts. This is an incredible collection belongs to Brandon Barr.

For two glorious days we were in musclecar paradise. Organized by YSC president Tom Clary, this Show ‘n Go spectacular consisted of unlimited drag racing at Gateway Raceway on Friday. There were no classes, it’s all for fun, and the organization welcomes other makes of musclecar's as well. Then on Saturday there’s the combination indoor/outdoor car show held at nearby Gateway Center from 9.00 a.m. to 3.00 p.m. Now here are a few statistics.

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