Volume I, Issue 3, Page 47

I’ve been there and had a blast!  And believe me I wanted to be there for this year’s edition.  But with working hard to get the first issue of MaxChevy up and running, I had no choice but to let a whole bunch of other people have all the fun.  That’s not to say I wasn’t there in spirit, mind you.  Every day I jump into my canyon-carving Tahoe, I think about how cool it was to go around the curves during last year’s Air Ride Technologies’ Street Challenge at Putnam Park’s picturesque road course.  That’s until the reality of LA’s bumper-to-bumper traffic sets in and reminds me of just where I am.

But for those that were able to go and play, there was no question that this year’s event was the best one ever (and of course, the fact that I wasn’t there bites into me that much

more).  The track was cool and the cars were hot.  There was action to be had around every curve (pun intended!) and the stable of cars -- both with and without air suspension systems -- did their best to entertain all who were on hand.  In addition to the storied road course, participants were able to traverse the cones on the slalom course and hug their car’s interior as they went around in circles to score the best g-forces they could on the skid pad.  But aside from all of the numbers, all who took part shared one thing in common: they were out enjoying the latest in suspension technology.  Whether they scored the quickest lap or the best time around the orange pylons was beside the point.  The Air Ride Street Challenge was as much about pitting a group of enthusiasts together for a day of play as it was to see what car was the best.  Next year you can bet that I’ll be back in the seat again, and maybe I’ll even take the Tahoe out of rush-hour traffic to see just how well it does on Putnam’s historic blacktop.

So before we go much further into the statistics of the day, let’s look at exactly what the Air Ride event is all about.

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